Medical Device Electropolising Systems
METFAB's medical device electropolishing systems are designed, engineered and built to exceed the rigorous standards required by the medical device industry. Each system is designed and built to take advantage of the high throughput capability and part to part consistency. All configurations utilize highly corrosion resistant materials of construction to withstand the effects of the electropolishing chemistry while minimizing operator exposure.
Each system can be fully automated. Discrete parts can be processed in bulk, utilizing traditional handling methods and job specific tooling. Alternatively, parts can be presented in reel or bandoleered format. Tedious racking is eliminated. The limited labor requirement makes these applications extremely well suited and cost effective for large scale operations.

State-of-the-art electronics monitor and control each system. Virtually any type of continuous measurement, analysis testing and inspection tool may be integrated into the control methodology. Product quality can be assured.

Electropolishing Systems
METFAB manufactures a full line of electropolishing systems for research and industry in manual and automatic configurations. Each is custom designed and supplied with the tools and accessories necessary for successful operation. Regardless of the sophistication of the electropolishing application, a design can be provided to deliver the precision and accuracy required for the each product.
Electropolishing performance is optimized by incorporating masking shields, flow optimized solution spargers, strategically placed baffles and other design subtleties. Special care is taken to ensure flexibility, ease of operation and simple maintenance.
Many electropolishing system configurations are available, each with its own range of productivity, precision and accuracy. This allows the correct device to be specified for the task, whether for prototype development or high speed production. Your METFAB applications engineer can help you select the best electropolishing system for your application.
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