Process Control
High speed production, sophisticated products, narrow range of control requirements and quality assurance necessitates many different levels of process monitoring, data collection and bath replenishment. METFAB offers them all.
METFAB's systems routinely maintain precise control of bath parameters like temperature, pH, conductivity and DC power consumption. Data collection is available for process and product certification. Amp minute totalization may track the consumption and replenishment of precious metals and organic additives. Results are available as the events occur.
Analytical cycle time and the cost per analysis continue to decline. Techniques like Sequential Electrochemical Reduction Analysis (SERA), Cyclic Voltammetric Stripping (CVS), potentiometric analysis and spectrophotometric analysis are out of the laboratory and available for use on the factory floor. Specialized instrumentation can be linked to your system controls to provide real-time process observations. Key components may be replenished. Reaction byproducts may be removed.
Analytical capability and sophistication have grown to match the sophistication of the products being produced and the quality levels required. These techniques may now extend into the certification and validation of finished products. Deposit thickness, porosity and solderability are common applications.
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