Selective Plating Equipment
METFAB builds a complete line of reel to reel selective plating equipment. Each custom designed system can be configured with tools necessary for both general and precision applications. Regardless of the application, advanced designs permit high speed operation, while maintaining low porosity deposits with uniform distribution over the specified plating area. Overall and controlled depth cells are fully and rapidly interchangeable. Plating accuracy is maximized by incorporating knife edge cell walls, submerged anodes, masking shields, flow optimized solution sparkers and strategically placed solution baffles in the controlled depth cell designs.
Additional tools for the more demanding selective plating applications are also available. Each has its own range of precision and accuracy. This allows the correct tools to be chosen to optimize the application of precious metals. Spot systems can be made accurate to +/- 0.1 mm and include the capability of east/west plating on pins. Stripe systems may operate with a similar accuracy and allow stripe on stripe and edge of strip placement. Your METFAB application engineer can help you select the best tools for your application.
Reel-to-Reel Plating Systems
Continuous processes have long been recognized by industry as a means of optimizing productivity and quality during production. Metal finishing is no exception and has found reel-to-reel plating to be a particularly effective tool. Reel-to-reel plating systems present the opportunity to process large quantities of material at high speed in an exceptionally well controlled environment. METFAB's line of Reel-to-reel plating systems was developed through extensive research and experience. It is a completely integrated family of continuous plating and finishing systems. The same high quality, precision components are used interchangeably in each application. Modular construction permits easy expansion and process modification. Custom design allows even the most demanding requirements to be satisfied.
Advanced design and construction are backed by a skilled service and support staff with hands-on experience designing, installing and operating reel-to-reel plating systems. Extensive electroplating process, wastewater treatment/recycle and equipment fabrication experience enhance METFABS's ability to assess all the issues involved in designing a plating line. With our commitment to continuous improvement, you always have access to cutting edge technology; and when combined with our practice of Total Quality Management, you are assured of the most cost-effective approach to system design
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