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Atomex Wallet Reviews: this crypto wallet has been able to meet the needs of decentralized exchange between blockchains with its integrated conversion tool. It is now part of the solutions to adopt to benefit from a direct and secure exchange. Still need to know it inside out. Discover in this article a complete guide on Atomex Wallet, including our Atomex Wallet review.

Our Opinion on Atomex Wallet

  • Integrated conversion tool for different currencies
  • Multi-support: this crypto wallet is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows
  • Complete anonymity: the conversion of crypto currencies is anonymous. Registration on this wallet also does not require KYC to identify the user.
  • Peer to peer : Atomex Wallet is implemented on-chain in peer-to-peer exchange or atomic exchange
  • Free conversion: the conversion does not require any fees
  • Fast transactions : exchanges are fast and usually only take a few minutes
  • Safety assured: Atomex Wallet users have full control over their private keys.

What is Atomex Wallet?

Atomex Wallet is a non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet with an integrated decentralized DEX or exchange. Its operation is based on Atomic Swap technology. In this way, it becomes possible to exchange cryptocurrencies from several blockchains in complete safety.

To put it simply, Atomex Wallet allows you to:

  • exchange crypto currencies,
  • buy crypto currencies,
  • sell crypto currencies,
  • store crypto currencies securely.

As for the Atomic Swap, it is a technology for the secure and decentralized exchange of crypto-assets without an intermediary. Atomex Wallet also uses a chain implementation on contracts with hashed timelock (HTLC).

Atomex Wallet is an HD cryptocurrency wallet. It thus makes it possible to create several addresses in the wallet using a single password and a start phrase.

Step 1: Download and Install Atomex Wallet

Atomex Wallet is compatible on Android, iOS and Windows. To download the app, just go to the Apple Store or Google Play depending on your OS. You can also go to the Atomex Wallet site to download and install the wallet on Windows. Several websites even give you the option of downloading Atomex Wallet directly to your smartphone.

Step 2: Open an Account on Atomex Wallet

As Atomex Wallet is a non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet, you can use it completely anonymously. It does not require user registration or identification. To use Atomex Wallet, simply download the app, create the wallet and load it with the crypto currencies of your choice.

Step 3: Configure Atomex Wallet

Once the account has been created, you will need to set up the wallet. This consists of defining the following elements:

  • The choice of currency
  • Crypto currencies to store
  • Transaction speed

Crypto Currencies Supported by Atomex Wallet?

Atomex Wallet only offers 5 crypto currencies to trade, sell and buy. However, these are the most widely used crypto-assets on the market.


Bitcoin (BTC) is indisputably the most popular cryptocurrency with the highest price. He is currently worth $22,533. This virtual currency created in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto is based on the blockchain. It offers all the security guarantees necessary for a cryptocurrency. Very popular, bitcoin makes it easy to buy other crypto currencies.


Tezos XTZ is also part most popular crypto currencies investors. This virtual currency is based on the blockchain. It gives you the ability to host decentralized applications and assets.

Note: It is possible to delegate Tezos to verified validators on the Baking Bad list. This makes it possible to earn passive income and hedge inflation from the Blockchain Tezos.


Created in 2014, Ethereum (ETH) uses the Ethereum blockchain to offer its own cryptocurrency: ether. Currently, the amount of ethers is potentially unlimited. This is the favorite currency of app developersbecause it increases in value with each contract initiated.


Litecoin (LTC) is a cryptocurrency created in 2011. It uses peer-to-peer. It is based on the original BTC source code. Litecoin is designed for smaller transactions as well as everyday use. The transactions are therefore cheaper and faster although they are of smaller sizes.


Tether USDT is a stablecoin. It is a cryptocurrency designed to maintain a stable value at all times. It works like the Internet’s digital dollar where the token is worth and is maintained at $1.00. Millions of people use this crypto asset every day to trade and transact across multiple blockchains.

Fees and Commissions on Atomex Wallet

Using Atomex Wallet does not require any transaction fees or service fees. User must pay only network fees and spreads. These vary from one blockchain to another. They apply to currencies other than UAD, USD, CAD, GBP and EUR.

Who is the Atomex Wallet suitable for?

Atomex Wallet is suitable for anyone looking for a non-custodial, multi-currency cryptocurrency wallet. It perfectly meets the needs of those who wish to carry out decentralized and secure exchanges of cryptocurrency without intermediaries. This is indeed possible thanks to Atomic Swap technology.

Atomex Wallet also adapts to those who wish to buy, sell and exchange crypto currencies quickly. This wallet is intended for investors looking for a 100% secure cryptocurrency wallet.

Important Note: Least Authority audits all Swap Atomic smart contracts. The same is true for Atomex’s main library.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Atomex Wallet?

  • Anonymous conversion of crypto currencies

  • User’s private keys encrypted and remain in their portable wallet

  • No additional cost

  • No 2-factor identification

  • No multisignature option

Atomex Wallet Security

Atomex Wallet offers a high level of security thanks to the total anonymity of the user. He does not need to sign up or register to use the crypto wallet. Users also have control over their private keys. The keys are encrypted and remain in the portable crypto wallet.

In response to the sanctions imposed on Tornado Cash, Atomex has decided to identify the cryptocurrency wallets that have interacted with the contracts of this mixer. This measure helps protect users and make secure transactions.

Atomex App — Is It Available?

YES, Atomex Wallet exists in a mobile application that can be download for free from Google Play or Apple Store depending on the OS. Opening and using the wallet is 100% free. Only mining fees for transactions and exchange operations via Swap atomic are payable.

Atomex also exists in a PC version that can be installed on Windows or MacOs. The application is free and downloadable from the Atomex Wallet website. It is designed for both portable and PC use. It remains simple to use, whatever the medium.

Atomex Wallet Review — Is It a Reliable Wallet?

Atomex Wallet is among the most trusted cryptocurrency wallets for trading crypto assets. It has a rating of 3.9/5 out of 10,000 downloads on Google Play. Recently available on Ios, it gets a rating of 3/5 on Apple Store. User reviews testify to the reliability of this wallet.

Atomex Wallet is a safe and secure cryptocurrency wallet equipped with a currency conversion tool. It is one of the few reliable wallets that allows you to exchange cryptocurrencies from different blockchains in complete security.

❓ What smart contract does Atomex Wallet use?

Atomex Wallet uses Hashed Timelock smart contracts.

✔️ Are private keys safe with Atomex Wallet?

Private keys of Atomex Wallet users are stored on their mobile only. They are therefore 100% secure and users have control over their private keys. They even need a password to unlock the wallet and use the keys.

⌚ How long does the Atomic Swap take?

Depending on the crypto trading pair, trades last a few minutes to 6 hours at most.

🔎 What is the difference between decentralized exchange and centralized exchange?

The centralized exchange CEX acts as an intermediary between those who want to exchange crypto currencies. On the other hand, the decentralized exchange DEX allows you to trade without an intermediary thanks to smart contracts. This is based on the blockchain and remains more resistant to hacking attempts. Indeed, the DEX does not have access to users’ assets unlike the CEX.

💡 Is Atomex Wallet secure?

Exchanges on Atomex Wallet are based on blockchain implementation which is highly secure. Being a DEX, users get full control over their assets as well as their private keys. These are encrypted and stored on their mobile only.

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