Binance Issues Nearly 70,000 Refugee Crypto Cards for Ukrainians

The war between Russia and Ukraine continues. While it was thought that the conflict would end quickly, it seems to be dragging on instead. With the turn that things are taking, it is the inhabitants who find themselves in difficulty. Many people are forced to leave the country and resources are scarce. To overcome this problem, more and more Ukrainians are ordering the Binance Refugee Card.

Binance Strengthens Efforts to Support Ukrainian Refugees

The war which opposes Ukraine to Russia causes many inconveniences. Since the start of the conflict, more and more people have found themselves in difficulty. Although the consequences affect almost all of Europe, it is the Ukrainians who suffer. Indeed, the risks they incur are a little more present every day and the destruction of homes is not a great help.

Depending on the events, many people are forced to leave the country. However, the lack of resources is quickly felt. To overcome this problem, Binance has proposed last April a solution that could suit the refugees. Indeed, using crypto assets can quickly become difficult when you are constantly on the road. The creation of the Binance Refugee Crypto Card was supposed to facilitate cryptocurrency transfers and exchanges throughout the European Economic Area.

Currently, nearly 70,000 cards have been issued. When this project was launched on April 26, we certainly did not expect such a deployment. People who have received their Binance Refugee Card can now withdraw their cryptos and meet their needs with peace of mind. In addition, they can also pay at merchants located in the European Economic Area.

Binance refugee Ukraine
Binance Refugee Card

Binance is one of, if not the largest, crypto exchange in the world by volume. Owned by Changpeng Zhao, this platform is growing day by day. Its extension in almost all areas of the globe is therefore understandable. The refugee card project is undoubtedly a humanitarian initiative that will help many people.

A card for refugees, but not only!

Binance was already recognized as the largest crypto exchange. With this action, the platform squarely takes a place in people’s hearts. The current situation in Ukraine leaves no one indifferent. Seeing all these people forced to leave their homes necessarily encourages action. Thanks to Binance Refugee Cards, refugees already have a solution for money transfers.

However, Binance’s action is not limited to this. Indeed, the platform aims much more and wants to help all Ukrainians who suffer the horrors of war. Whether they are external or internal refugees. As a result, it is associated with two charitable foundations. In this case, Rotary Club Kyiv International and Palianytsia. This project will deal primarily with the disabled, the elderly as well as large families and those with minor children.

Binance refugee Ukraine
Ukrainian refugees

Over a period of three months, these people will receive a monthly allowance of $75. But initially, the initiative will help 5,000 displaced Ukrainians. To carry out this new project, the exchange has made available a budget of 1.2 million dollars. To continue in its momentum, the platform would like to organize a course on online professions. In partnership with the Ukrainian Ministry of Development, this other initiative aims to initiate the inhabitants of the country who have lost their jobs due to the war.

The initiatives taken by Binance can only be approved. The country’s situation leaves no one indifferent and thanks to the Binance Refugee Crypto Card, they will be able to enjoy their crypto assets anywhere in Europe. As supporting war efforts in this country becomes a priority for philanthropists, what do you think of all this?

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Binance Issues Nearly 70,000 Refugee Crypto Cards for Ukrainians

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