Binance Launches Cryptotourism With The First Crypto-Travels

Binance, the global blockchain company behind the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, has announced the first-ever crypto-sponsored vacation – “cryptotourism”.

Demonstrating how efficient, secure, and simple travel is in a Web3 world of forgoing traditional currency and crypto-only globetrotting, Binance has partnered with leading travel influencers Lauren Bullen and Jack Morris, as part of a crypto-only global scavenger hunt that includes $50,000 BNB donations for those who want to join the movement.

Binance Global Vice President of Marketing James Rothwell said, “Cryptotourism makes global travel easier and safer for everyone. It is also an economical choice, as there are no fees, full transaction transparency and no country-by-country exchange rate issues. The ease of using crypto while traveling is a testament to the incredible global adoption we are starting to see.”

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Binance Payment

Starting on World Tourism Day (September 27), Bullen and Morris will book crypto-exclusive trips to select global hotspots, as well as all goods and services, using Binance Pay – a crypto-based payment technology. contactless, borderless and secure currency, while sharing crypto travel tips and tricks on how to make cryptotourism a reality for everyone.

The duo will each hide a Binance gift card in secret destinations, worth $25,000 in BNB to help fund the cryptotourism dreams of two lucky followers. They will deposit a series of clues via @gypsea_lust (Lauren), @jackmorris (Jack) and @binance, and once the hidden prices are located, new Binance accounts will be activated if necessary and $25,000 in BNB will be directly transferred to each of the two winners.

“I love venturing into new territory, and crypto travels are exactly that. This is just the start of a whole new amazing world for people who love to travel,” Bullen said.

life to travel

“I’ve dedicated my life to travel, and now doing it without having to worry about exchange rates or carrying physical money is a lighter burden,” Morris said. “People think world travel has to be super expensive and complicated – it’s not. And we want to show people that crypto travel makes it even easier.”

The travel industry has been particularly hard hit as a result of the pandemic, in addition to recent market volatility and geopolitical strife. Between travel restrictions, airline cancellations and large crowds, travel has been anything but easy.

The campaign will demonstrate that encrypted travel is not just a reality, but a more convenient way to explore the world.– TradeArabia Press Office

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Binance Launches Cryptotourism With The First Crypto-Travels

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