Crypto: The Reason For The Rise Of Female Investors In The Indian Crypto Market

Much like the tech and finance industry, the crypto industry unfortunately also has longstanding gender inequalities. The number of women in crypto, whether investing or as founders, has historically lagged behind men.

One of the main pillars of crypto has always been a decentralized and democratized financial system. But the male-dominated crypto industry has never really been seen as a space for women and has always been contrary to its founding principles.

Fortunately, that is changing. Recent data from exchanges and other crypto companies in India gives a glimmer of hope. It is reported that around 20% of crypto investors in India are women, but the numbers still show a significant gender gap.

However, the interesting fact in all these reports is that in terms of new investors, women seem to be giving men a hard time and most platforms have seen a phenomenal increase in the number of women signing up and investing on these platforms .



It’s not just about investing. Women join the platform as creators, builders, influencers and founders.

This surge in the number of investors indicates how young women are increasingly investing from traditional investments like gold to crypto.

So what is driving this change?

There is not one but several reasons for this. One of the main reasons is the growing awareness of crypto as a technology and people are realizing how investing in bitcoin and crypto has long term potential. Women are also more aware of the importance of financial independence.

In India, it’s not that women were strangers to investing. But, traditionally, they stick to investments in gold and silver. However, with the growing awareness of crypto, they have also started to understand the convenience involved in buying and storing digital assets online.

The higher returns provided by crypto have inspired women to bring friends and family to invest. Some have also started trying their hand at NFTs and other digital assets.

The increased internet penetration in the country has also led to a decrease in data inequality, contributing positively to this change.

The crypto industry has also taken it upon itself to recognize and reward talent without bias. This has resulted in a small but growing number of women in leadership positions in Indian crypto startups.

As the crypto industry matures, there is also more regulatory clarity globally and new use cases and emerging markets for the industry. This has given several women the confidence to become entrepreneurs – occupying influential positions in the Indian and global crypto ecosystem.

I sincerely hope this is not just a short-term trend, but the beginning of an influx of women into the industry. The small group of women are trailblazers, paving the way for others in the field of crypto despite whatever challenges they may face.

As more and more women join the crypto ecosystem, this translates to increased influence and eventually benefits passed on to women everywhere in the long run. It would also enable gender diversity and inclusion in the sector and provide opportunities for women working in this sector.

Women playing key roles as industry leaders are still a long way off, but it would change the scale and lead to a better balance in the ecosystem. This balance helped achieve more viable avenues for women on their path to financial freedom.

Regulators must also ensure that the crypto space is inclusive and expansive. It would bring positive changes to all aspects of the crypto ecosystem and help build a better and brighter future.

(Mohammed Roshan is the founder and CEO of GoSats.)

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Crypto: The Reason For The Rise Of Female Investors In The Indian Crypto Market

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