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As the reach of blockchain technology expands, a multitude of blockchain platforms with a diverse set of services and products have emerged. However, only a few of these platforms have the technology that provides consumers with a distinctive experience, allowing them to stand out from the pack. is one such platform. is one of the oldest and most popular cryptocurrency exchanges, having been founded in 2013. The platform provides services related to trading a variety of popular digital assets and has over of 10 million users worldwide. It has been consistently ranked among the top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges based on liquidity and trading volume on CoinGecko and has been verified by the Blockchain Transparency Institute (BTI).



The remarkable journey through the years started by creating a trading platform that allows users to trade securely, as the extensive security features offered on the platform are undoubtedly the most important aspect of this respectable crypto exchange.

The platform offers over 1400 cryptocurrencies, has over 10 million users worldwide and a daily trading volume of over $10 billion. As GateChain matures,’s eco-map becomes increasingly comprehensive, offering a set of rich trading product services that set the platform apart from its competitors.

GT: It is the native token of the Gatechain mainnet. It was later renamed “GateToken” and officially became the exchange token. Since then, GT has been growing with

As an important part of the ecosystem, GT can be used in VIP level escalation, trading fee debits, participation in exclusive activities, etc. The platform will also increasingly equip GT with more applications and use cases to enhance its intrinsic value.

HipoDéfi: HipoDefi is an all-in-one DeFi platform invented and operated by

The platform collects and categorizes data from multiple DeFi projects and applications, providing users with features such as exchange rates, wealth management earnings, and interest rate comparisons on deposits and loans between different DeFi projects.

With detailed real-time data, it helps users discover investment opportunities and manage DeFi assets, providing a faster and better gateway to the DeFi world.

Gate Ventures:’s venture capital arm focuses on investments in decentralized infrastructure, ecosystems and applications that will reshape the world in the digital age.

Working with industry leaders around the world and offering support in product development, scaling operations and global growth of their portfolio companies, the platform aims to help promising teams and startups who have ideas for redefining social and financial interactions.

Gate Grants: The platform offers free R&D funds to support any innovative concept or project, whether or not built on Gatechain. They offer a seed funding round of $10,000-100,000 to get the idea started as needed. Dedicated marketing and HR activities are provided by the ecosystem to propel new initiatives forward.

The product will also receive a priority listing on and be exposed to over 10 million users. Budding projects will be offered strategic partnerships with over 100 projects that share resources to work together.

NFT magic box: A custom build and auction platform for every user, designed to be the most advanced NFT trading platform for mining, crafting, marketing and bidding. The NFT Magic Box combined with the GateChain protocol creates a low-cost, high-performance blockchain. has over 10 million subscribers from around the world, with over million daily active users. Artists will have access to all of these resources and can benefit immensely from the current demand for NFT.

Thus, with innovations and high-value products, has succeeded in creating a complete ecosystem of digital assets, which offers users wider options and possibilities than any other platform.

9th anniversary of

The ninth anniversary celebration started in mid-May to commemorate the ninth year of The brand will also undergo a major overhaul and host a series of events with rewards worth $9 million in total for users to earn.

The three main events are:

  • 999g 999 Gold Bar Casting Game
  • The Space NFT Mystery Box Program
  • Trading tournament with a maximum prize pool of $5 million.

The platform will release its new brand concept along with a revised brand slogan and a renewed brand logo with a new color scheme and shape. The official webpage will be revamped with various and innovative product designs, styles and arrangements.

The official version of the Lite app, which is a concise version of the mobile app, will go live with the launch of the platform GameFi Center as part of the MiniApp program to bring Gate users an extra dimension of third-party crypto applications.

This launch is a beta for early adopters to experience the platform’s first offering named GameBox, the first third-party MiniApp, which is a full-fledged game collection, allowing users to enjoy games while earning coins. .

The last word

Apart from the main exchange, offers other services such as decentralized finance, research and analysis, venture capital investment, wallet services, laboratories and much more.

With a diverse range of products and services based on’s secure and stable product ecosystem, the platform strives to provide highly forward-looking industry insights and be part of the crypto space. constantly evolving to mark the platform’s footprint on the future of cryptocurrencies.

To know more about the platform, visit its official website.

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