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Since its creation in 2009 by an anonymous person by the name of Satoshi Nakamoto, bitcoin has always been talked about, although his birth inspired the emergence of altcoins (crypto-currencies other than bitcoin). The first ever cryptocurrency has gained solid trust from its users, maintaining its position as the first cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization.

Also today, bitcoin continues to be in demand due to its consistently high value, which shows a positive long-term trend, despite the volatile nature of the market. It is sure that bitcoin has had an impact in the cryptocurrency world, not only attracting developers to create new cryptocurrencies, but also attracting individuals and businesses to join the crypto world.

With millions of crypto enthusiasts in the market – both individuals and businesses – it can be difficult to find a crypto investor who doesn’t own Bitcoin. As the first cryptocurrency continually grew, so did its demand, prompting developers to make it more accessible to users who wanted to use Bitcoin.

As a newbie trader, you often feel lost, confused and don’t know where to start, but don’t worry because you are not alone. If you’ve done your research and are considering starting a trend and investing in Bitcoin, you’re probably familiar with the different ways to acquire it. We’ve compiled the easiest and most common ways to own Bitcoin to give you an idea.

1. Direct purchase

One of the easiest and most common ways traders use to earn bitcoin is through direct purchase. To do this, you must go to a cryptocurrency exchange (exchanges such as Coinbase, Binance, etc.) and present valid proof of identity along with verification that you have a good internet connection.

After submitting the required information, you will receive a wallet and sometimes a trading account, which you will use to buy, store or sell your bitcoin.

2. Bitcoin ATMs

Due to the rapid development of the cryptocurrency world, it is not surprising that bitcoin ATMs now exist. This machine allows users to buy bitcoin easily with cash or card – not to mention the simple process because these machines are located in various locations.

Compared to other methods of buying Bitcoin, these machines guarantee a 7% return on investment. The only requirement to complete this process is owning a Bitcoin or a trading wallet.

3. Bitcoin Brokers

Another way to engage with cryptocurrencies is through trading, especially CFDs. The trading of cryptocurrency CFDs allows you to profit from token price speculation without worrying about storing them. It has many advantages but be aware that the cryptocurrency broker industry is plagued by scams.

This is why it is essential to research brokers well and find companies that have the latest licenses. In fact, traders’ task of finding reliable brokers has proven to be so difficult that there are now companies like bitcoin profit who can do the research for you and introduce you to pre-approved brokers.


4. The stock market

With the growth in the number of businesses and individuals loyal to bitcoin, despite hundreds of other options, large corporations and resellers began to sell their stocks as the first cryptocurrency.

Incorporated as an investment option, large corporations have started putting their bitcoins on the market looking for potential profit investors looking to buy them and store them in their bitcoin wallets.

5. Asset Exchange

The continued growth of bitcoin indicates that the crypto market is indeed profitable and viable for years to come. With the volatile nature of values ​​in the market, the rising price of bitcoin has often resulted in unparalleled returns on investment as an interchangeable asset and distinct means of storing wealth.

Some believe that bitcoin is slowly approaching its peak due to its limited supply, that hasn’t stopped millions of users from flocking to this crypto.

Compared to traditional currency, bitcoin does not depend on third-party agents such as banks or government authorities. When it comes to security, Bitcoin does not disappoint – due to its decentralized nature, there is no method for these third-party agents to track BTC. This is because bitcoin is stored in a highly secure digital ledger system based on Blockchain technology.

If you’re considering investing in bitcoin, we’ve compiled some common ways to buy cryptocurrencies above. Even though these methods are proven to be safe, the risk of holding cryptocurrencies is always present, given the nature of the cryptocurrency market. Your bitcoin account is unlikely to be hacked, but your wallet credentials could be lost, or worse, stolen.

To avoid this, learn about the different types of wallets and how to protect your account details.

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How to acquire bitcoins? Here are 5 ways you can try |

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