How to buy NEAR crypto in 2022? Path to follow

You want to buy NEAR, but you don’t know how to proceed? Don’t panic, you’ve come to the right place. With this tutorial, learn how to invest in NEAR crypto with Binance in just a few minutes.

On which platform to go to buy NEAR?

If you wish buy NEAR, you will first have to choose an exchange platform adapted to your needs. Several platforms offer NEAR, so you must make your choice according to criteria that seem important to you. This can be the ergonomics, the fees for withdrawing and buying the NEAR crypto or even the liquidity of the pairs.

The ergonomics of the platform is the essential criterion to take into account if you are new to the world of cryptocurrencies, so that you can buy crypto NEAR simply.

Thereby, Binance will perfectly meet your needs if you are in this case. The platform is very easy to use and therefore perfectly suitable for beginners. You will be able to buy NEAR in no time.

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This table will also help you make your choice if you want to find out about other exchanges offering NEAR. Some important criteria are compiled there.

Buying NEAR on Binance: Step by Step

This short tutorial will guide you to buy NEAR with Binance with ease. This platform is recognized worldwide in the cryptocurrency industry, in addition to being compliant with French regulations. So you can use it without fear.

To get started, create your Binance account by clicking on the following button to get a permanent 10% discount on your trading fees:

Create Binance Account »

Click here on “Register by phone or email” and fill in the necessary fields. Finally, click on ” Create an account “.

You must now get your Binance account verified before you can use it, in accordance with French regulations. This is to prove your identity as the owner of this account. Bring an identity document and complete each step until the end.

A delay is then necessary for Binance to validate your request. Once done, you can now buy the NEAR crypto. So click at the top left of the Binance interface on ” Buy cryptos » :

Choose here the means of payment you wish to use, either bank transfer (1 euro fee), or bank card (1.8% fee). We select ” Bank deposit in our example to benefit from the lowest fees.

Buy BNB Binance Transfer

Make sure you have selected the correct currency, in this case EUR, then continue.

Buy NEAR Binance

You are almost at the end of this tutorial. Here, choose carefully USD ” in the framework of ” Spend ” and ” NEAR ” in the framework of ” Receive “.

Then fill in the amount in euros that you wish to invest in the crypto NEAR, 100 euros in our example, then validate.

Finally, all you have to do is make the payment with the deposit method you selected earlier. Follow what is indicated by filling in the banking information necessary to finalize the purchase of NEAR.

And There you go ! You are now owners of NEAR tokens! You have the freedom to dispose of them the way you want, send them to a wallet for example.

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What are the other options for buying NEAR?

NEAR is a relatively popular cryptocurrency with investors, it is logically available on many exchange platforms such as FTX, Bitpanda and SwissBorg.

These platforms differ in many ways, whether in terms of their ergonomics, the fees applied to them or the number of active users. Some of them offer other services like stakingwhich allows investors to generate passive income with crypto NEAR.

Note that even if you have purchased NEAR on another platform, you can send them to Binance for example to take advantage of staking.

Discover the NEAR Protocol blockchain

NEAR Protocol is a layer 1 blockchain using smart contracts and proof-of-stake consensus to secure its network. It is a direct competitor to other blockchains of the same type like Ethereum and Solana.

It allows just like the latter the deployment of decentralized applications on its infrastructure, but is committed to being easy to learn for developers and users. The aim of the project is to facilitate and support the transition from Web2 to Web3.

NEAR is a public, community-governed blockchain that has cloud infrastructure for decentralized applications. Thus, to democratize Web3, the NEAR project focuses on ease of use and performance of its blockchain.

Indeed, a very complete documentation, several languages ​​and programming tools are available to developers. While for users, wallet addresses have a simplified and readable format instead of a cryptographic format.

The NEAR blockchain has an impressive theoretical scalability of 100,000 transactions per second using its own sharding technology, titled nightshade.

Interoperability is also at the heart of the NEAR project with Rainbow Bridge and Aurora Bridge which connect the Ethereum and NEAR blockchains, but also Octopus Network which ensures the interoperability of NEAR with other blockchains.

Finally, the NEAR blockchain has its own native token of the same name, the NEAR.

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Buying NEAR in 2022, an opportunity?

The NEAR Protocol project quickly earned a good reputation among investors and for good reason, its NEAR token is valued at $2.8 billion writing these lines.

However, the price of the NEAR token has experienced a very significant drop since its ATH at the start of 2022, it indeed displays a fall of about 80% from. The bear market we are going through is to blame, but there may be other reasons that led to the collapse of its price.

Anyway, let’s try to analyze the recent activity of NEAR Protocol in order to help us see more clearly the future potential of the project.

NEAR Protocol seems to continue to convince investors such as FTX Ventures, a16z or Hashed lately. Indeed, the project managed to complete two funding rounds of 150 million then 350 million dollars in January and April 2022 respectively. These funds will be used to accelerate Web3 adoption and encourage the decentralization of its ecosystem.

In February 2022, NEAR launched Pagoda, its own incubator for startups operating in the Web3 environment. A few months later, in October, a partnership between NEAR Protocol and Google Cloud was announced to support the development of Web3 startups. Google Cloud’s role is to provide technical support to developers using Pagoda.

It seems that NEAR Protocol does not skimp on the means to support developers on their cloud infrastructure and the transition to Web3. The blockchain also has strong technical arguments with its sharding technology.

Anyway, NEAR Protocol seems convincing for the moment, but still has a lot to prove since it is a still young project. Is it a good investment in 2022? It is up to you to do your own in-depth analysis to find out if you should buy NEAR or not.

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Is it worth buying NEAR in 2022?

FAQ: frequently asked questions about NEAR

What is the deployment date of NEAR Protocol?

The NEAR project was imagined in 2018 under the aegis of Erick Trautman and his mainnet was deployed in 2020. This is a relatively recent project in the cryptocurrency industry that has quickly carved out a place for itself among the biggest Web 3 projects.

The NEAR token, what is it for?

The NEAR token has very classic use cases for a layer 1 blockchain. Costs relating to the operation of the network are paid in NEAR tokens.

Furthermore, the staking of the NEAR token is central to its use since it makes it possible to secure the network. Indeed, validators must stake NEAR tokens to ensure the functioning of the blockchain. Other network participants can stake their tokens by delegating them to one of these validators.

That’s not all, since not only can a participant generate a passive return through staking, but it also allows him to take part in the governance of the NEAR ecosystem by voting on different proposals.

How to follow the course and price of NEAR?

To chase the NEAR course in dollars or euros, we provide you with our NEAR price tracking page. You will find in real time the most important data about NEAR Protocol such as the valuation of its token, the price chart and the number of NEAR tokens in circulation.

What is the procedure for protecting your NEAR?

After purchasing NEAR, you may wish to protect them outside of a centralized platform. You need to use a wallet that supports the NEAR network for this, and the best is probably the NEAR Wallet.

If you want a higher level of security, a physical Ledger wallet will meet your expectations to protect your NEAR tokens.

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How to buy NEAR crypto in 2022? Path to follow

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