IMPT Token to Surge 30x as Presale Surpasses $500,000 Mark

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The Impact Project comes fromAnnounce Raising Over $500,000 in Pre-Sale of Its Native IMPT Token, this step having been completed in 48 hours. This is a significant first success for the Ethereum-based platform, which plans to use blockchain technology and NFTs to establish a decentralized, transparent and fair market for carbon credits.

If we refer to other coins that have had such successful pre-sales this year, such growth allows IMPT to make significant gains as soon as it receives its first stock quotes. 60% of the coin’s overall supply will be sold in three stages, with the current first stage making it available at $0.018 before its price hits $0.028.

IMPT Token Will Surge 30x, Presale Surpasses $500,000 Mark

The pre-sale of the IMPT token has already marked a few milestones in its very short life so far, having raised $150,000 in its first 24 hours. This figure then rose to $250,000 in 48 hours, before doubling to $500,000.

This growth offers an indication of the kind of appreciation IMPT could see once it goes live. on crypto exchanges, following in the footsteps of (for example) Tamadoge (TAMA), which (after listing on OKX) has grown at an extremely impressive rate. 1,500% since its presale a month ago.

And as with Tamadoge, the Impact project has solid fundamentals (as shown in his white paper), which promise to maintain interest in its native token long after its pre-sale ends.

As stated above, it creates a decentralized market for carbon credits, based on the Ethereum blockchain. Not only will this allow individuals (and businesses) toredeem such credits, but it will reward individuals for spending money with selected partners of the Impact project, all of whom will be involved in green initiatives in one way or another.

By leveraging the Ethereum blockchain, Project Impact will ensure that carbon credits can be traded transparentlywhich will eliminate the possibility of double spending of credits or their improper withdrawal.

At the same time, by establishing links with environmental projects and eco-friendly retailers, the Impact Project will encourage individuals to consume in a more environmentally friendly way. It will do this in part by rewarding them with credits based on the NFT and giving them an IMPT score, which increases the more they contribute to green initiatives.

It is because of this interesting concept that the pre-sale of the Impact project got off to a flying start. This sale set a ceiling of 10.8 million dollars (i.e. 600 million IMPT), and with 5% of this total already reached, it is likely to end before the November 25 deadline.

More presales and new listings for 2022 point to big gains

While Project Impact hasn’t mentioned any specific exchanges, it will inevitably have some in mind or planned for the end of its pre-sale. And judging by previous sales this year, its first listings will mark the opportunity for investors who started early in the adventure to reap significant gains.

Not only TAMA has increased by around 1,500% since its pre-sale, but a quick look at the “New Cryptocurrencies” category on CoinMarketCap shows that the best performers of these new coins achieve double-digit gains within 24 hours.

IMPT Token to Surge 30x as Presale Surpasses 500000 Mark
CoinMarketCap’s “Cryptocurrency News” page at 08:51 (UTC) on October 5

Given the interesting fundamentals of the Impact project, he has every chance of joining such plays. And with Ethereum’s move to proof-of-stakeno doubt increasing the market’s appetite for more environmentally friendly projects and platforms, it may have come at the right time.

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IMPT Token to Surge 30x as Presale Surpasses $500,000 Mark

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