Mt. Gox Creditors Get Their Funds Via Bitstamp

The distribution of funds to creditors of former crypto exchange Mt. Gox is about to kick off as the company’s Japanese bankruptcy trustee released a memo notifying them of a new feature and important deadlines.


Mt. Gox Trustee Nobuaki Kobayashi is asking creditors to select a repayment method, register beneficiary information online, and indicate how they would like to receive their repayments. The deadline for this selection and registration is January 10.

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When the payments will be made, and the specific amounts were not indicated in the memo. However, the process is expected to take place at some point later in 2023.

As described in the notice, those who do not complete the “screening and registration” process by the deadline will not be eligible to receive refunds such as the advance lump sum. They will also lose their rights to part of the cryptocurrency rehabilitation claims, wire transfer payments or wire transfer through a remittance service provider.

Kobayashi released additional explanatory materials, including a notice regarding the modification of the rehabilitation plan and acquired permissions. It also contains information on Mt. Gox’s financial situation, income and expense statement, and a guide to selecting a crypto exchange or custodian.

Interestingly, crypto exchange Bitstamp has been named by the Mt. Gox Trustee as one of the designated crypto exchanges to assist in creditor repayment proceedings. Bitstamp has released a full description of how data subjects can sign up to retrieve their digital assets through the exchange.

Bitstamp has been approved, along with three other cryptocurrency exchanges, to help creditors receive their assets. A creditor of Mt. Gox can choose their preferred cryptocurrency exchange and register as a user to receive the corresponding assets according to the repayment procedures under the rehabilitation plan.

Nearly a decade after an attack forced the platform to shut down, Mt. Gox creditors were given the option to choose between bitcoin, cash, or Bitcoin Cash to receive repayment. The process could make frozen crypto assets liquid again, depending on authorized users’ choices.

Those who opted to receive their refund in bitcoin would pose a new selling threat to an already battered market. Even those who choose to be paid in fiat currency risk putting more pressure on the market, as the fiduciary would be expected to liquidate an equivalent amount of bitcoins to pay those who wish to receive cash.

However, Eric Wall, a Mt. Gox creditor, dismissed rumors that all of the roughly 150,000 BTC sent to creditors would soon be offloaded in an already stressed bear market. He also confirmed that no crypto payouts will happen soon.

In the tweet, Eric clarified that the creditors have not yet registered their wallet addresses or submitted their bank details where their assets will be sent, which would be the first step to kick off the repayment plan.

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Mt. Gox Creditors Get Their Funds Via Bitstamp

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