Plum: launch of equity investment and debit card in France

The society Plumwhich owns the eponymous smart European personal finance app, said it recently launched stock investing and debit card payment for its users in France.

The Plum application has 1.3 million users, including around 100,000 in France

According to the company,

“The app, which uses the latest technology to help its users save effortlessly, now enables its customers to diversify and grow their savings over the long term through its new stock market investment service.”

Plum customers now have access to at least 500 US stocks via the app with the free Basic subscription and can invest from as little as 1 euro in fractional shares of world-renowned companies like Google, Meta or Amazon.

According to the same press release, we learn that Plum will launch a new Premium type subscription which will be added to the existing Basic and Pro levels.

“For €9.99 per month, Premium customers will not only have access to all the features of Plum, but also priority access to customer service and a wider choice of actions. This range will start at 1,000 actions and will grow to soon the 3,000 shares of companies around the world”.

According to Plum, “Users will be even better able to customize their investment portfolio to best reflect their personal values ​​and support the brands they trust.”

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Victor Trokoudesthe CEO and co-founder of Plum spoke on the subject:

“We have received a warm welcome from our customers in France since our launch in 2021 and we are delighted to extend the services of Plum available to them. With consumer prices rising sharply, we wanted to act quickly to offer stock market investing to our French clients, especially as high inflation is eroding the value of their hard-earned savings. Historically, investing in the stock market has often been the best way to prevent inflation from eroding the value of your money over the long term. Many people think investing is too complicated and don’t know where to start. Plum makes investing easier and more accessible. In the current context, we want to give a helping hand to everyone to make their money grow. »

Along with the launch of stock investing, Plum is also offering a debit card. It is a 100% biodegradable and recyclable card which is available at no extra cost for its Pro and Premium customers. “The Plum-branded VISA debit card allows users to pay online, contactless or directly at the merchant, or withdraw cash at no additional cost anywhere in Europe,” the statement said.

Customers can recharge their card simply from a bank account or from their main pocket via the Plum application, which makes it easier to track their expenses and control their budget. It also allows them to track their expenses from the same place where they save and invest.

Victor Trokoudes adds:

“Our goal is to make Plum the only personal finance app our customers will ever need. We are committed to continually challenging the status quo for the benefit of our clients, because Plum is here to help, with automated tools that make financial management easier. We help users save, connect their bank accounts, invest and manage their expenses, all without leaving the application and at a lower cost. »

According to Plum, the application has 1.3 million users, including around 100,000 in France, and represents the latest step in its journey as a “super app” specializing in personal finance.

Now, Plum not only allows its users to save and connect their bank accounts, but also to invest and spend with its new debit card. In addition to France, Plum is also adding these new services to customers in Ireland, Spain and Belgium, having already offered them in the UK.

Plum indicates that it works with around twenty French banks, including both the largest banks and the neo-banks (BNP Paribas, Societe Generale, Mutual credit, Boursorama, Nickel and many others).

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Plum: launch of equity investment and debit card in France

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