Floki Inu Et Ziglu Ont Interdit Les Publicités Cryptographiques Pendant La Période De Pointe Des Dépenses Publicitaires – Tech Tribune France

Floki Inu Et Ziglu Ont Interdit Les Publicites Cryptographiques Pendant

Le monde des crypto-monnaies a connu une explosion des publicités alors que les entreprises tentent d’élargir l’attrait et la compréhension de la crypto auprès du grand public. Malgré la popularité croissante des crypto-monnaies au premier trimestre de 2022, les dépenses publicitaires en crypto ont depuis chuté, certaines étant même interdites pour avoir enfreint la réglementation, … Read more

Korean Government Plans To Impose Unified Listing Standard On Crypto Exchanges After Collapse Of LUNA And UST

Korean Government Plans To Impose Unified Listing Standard On Crypto

The South Korean government is considering imposing stricter regulations, including a unified listing standard, on all cryptocurrency exchanges in the country following the collapse of cryptocurrency terra (LUNA) and stablecoin terrausd (UST). Korean Government Meeting With Cryptocurrency Exchanges The South Korean government is shifting blame for the crash of cryptocurrency terra (LUNA) and algorithmic stablecoin … Read more

Russia Could Use Cryptocurrency In International Payments As Sanctions Escalate

Faced with tougher sanctions following its invasion of Ukraine, Russia is reportedly considering the idea of ​​accepting Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies as payment for its international trade. The Interfax news agency first reported the news on Friday, citing a senior government official. “The idea of ​​using digital currencies in transactions for international settlements is actively … Read more

How to Buy Cronos CRO – Forbes Advisor UK – Tech Tribune France

Cronos (CRO) is the cryptocurrency issued by Crypto.com, a popular crypto exchange platform. It was launched in 2016, along with Crypto.com itself. Originally known as “Crypto.org Coin”, the currency was rebranded as Cronos in February 2021. Cronos can be used to pay fees on Crypto.com, and can also be “staked” (allowing users to earn passive … Read more

Meilleurs échanges Cryptographiques De 2022 – Tech Tribune France

Meilleurs echanges Cryptographiques De 2022 Tech Tribune France

Image : lucadp/Adobe Stock Qu’est-ce qu’une crypto-monnaie et qu’est-ce qu’un échange crypto ? Les crypto-monnaies, souvent abrégées en crypto, sont des monnaies numériques ou virtuelles souvent sous la forme de jetons utilisés pour effectuer des transactions en ligne sécurisées telles que des paiements. Un échange crypto est un mécanisme de transaction numérique – essentiellement un … Read more

Litecoin (LTC): privacy protocol contrary to South Korean law?

Litecoin LTC privacy protocol contrary to South Korean law scaled

Barely announced, the new Mimblewimble confidentiality protocol of the Litecoin (LTC) blockchain is already causing controversy. In any case, on the side of South Korea. Two of the country’s leading crypto exchanges have just warned investors about this new option. Confidentiality would be inconsistent with certain South Korean state financial laws and regulations. South Korea’s … Read more

‘Extreme Fear’: Bitcoin and Ethereum at Risk of Capitulation After Losing Vital Support Zones and Doomed for Massive Losses | | Cryptocurrency

Extreme Fear Bitcoin and Ethereum at Risk of Capitulation After

Crypto market sentiment has once again tipped into a “extreme fearafter Bitcoin and Ethereum lost price support over the past 24 hours. On-chain data shows increasing selling pressure, which could lead to bigger losses. Bitcoin and Ethereum look set for major losses after losing vital support areas. Long and short positions worth nearly $300 million … Read more

Crypto and Sport Bet on a Winning Combination to Entice Fans

Crypto and Sport Bet on a Winning Combination to Entice

When Crypto.com stamped its name on the main sports arena in Los Angeles, crypto exchange boss Kris Marszalek said the $700 million deal marked “the moment when cryptocurrencies . . . crossed the chasm into the mainstream”. The renaming of the LA Lakers National Basketball Association’s home team in November opened the floodgates to a … Read more

Binance will offer a wider range of services in Bahrain with its upgraded Category 4 license. – Latest News

The cryptocurrency exchange Binance announced that the Central Bank of Bahrain had granted it a license to category 4Updating its license will allow it to offer a wider range of services. The exchange thus becomes the first provider of crypto services in the country with a category 4 license. The license of Binance in Bahrain … Read more

Beyond cryptocurrencies, what can blockchains be used for?

Blockchains (or blockchains) are now famous thanks to cryptocurrencies, in particular the famous Bitcoin, and “decentralized finance” (or “DeFi” in English). But they can have applications other than financial ones. Indeed, blockchains simply allow information to be exchanged between partners without necessarily trusting each other, because this technology makes it possible to build a shared, … Read more