In 2023, Amazon will rely on blockchain: NFT and crypto games projects are in development

1674835891 In 2023 Amazon will rely on blockchain NFT and crypto

through Remy Vande Wielepublished on Friday, January 27, 2023 at 16:59 • 3 min read According to several sources, who remained anonymous, Amazon is working on crypto games that would reward players with NFTs. Why is this important?The NFT market is … Read more

Electronic archiving in the quantum era: how to anticipate future quantum threats to trusted digital services now

1674749432 Electronic archiving in the quantum era how to anticipate future

Through its increased computing power, quantum technology could, for example, produce electronic signatures, corrupt encrypted transactions/messages and allow the usurpation of the identity of servers or other entities involved in electronic exchanges. As a benchmark for digital trust in France, Docaposte has anticipated the post-quantum shift and is launching the implementation, within its Arkhineo Electronic … Read more

International Data Protection Day: how to improve your protection? – Global Security Mag Online

International Data Protection Day how to improve your protection –

International Data Protection Day: how to improve your protection? Whether in his private life or his professional life, ingenious options can help improve the protection infrastructure to eliminate the risks of his data being used for profiling, personalization or monetization purposes. Saturday January 28 is International Data Privacy Day. The ideal opportunity to raise public … Read more

4 Categories of Technical Indicators You Can Use in Cryptocurrency Trading – In Question

1674576518 4 Categories of Technical Indicators You Can Use in Cryptocurrency

Getting a technical indicator that works for you takes a lot of study and practice, a process that can be quite overwhelming, especially for new traders. Beginner traders usually try out different indicators to see how they work, as they may find it difficult to know which ones to use for specific market situations and … Read more

Want some privacy? Vitalik Buterin offers a solution on Ethereum

1674490058 Want some privacy Vitalik Buterin offers a solution on Ethereum

The co-founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin has just proposed a system of “stealth address” or furtive address, in French to promote private transactions on the blockchain. Stealth Address: Protecting Privacy on Ethereum Ethereum and Privacy – If every time you transferred money to your mother all the customers would know about the transaction, would you … Read more

Pourquoi Polkadot pourrait exploser en 2023 ?

Pourquoi Polkadot pourrait exploser en 2023.webp

Polkadot est une blockchain polyvalente qui offre un cadre pour la création et l’exécution d’applications. Depuis sa création en 2016, Polkadot a fait l’objet d’un intérêt croissant et a récemment connu une forte hausse de sa capitalisation boursière. Avec des fonctionnalités telles que le parachain, la scalabilité et l’interopérabilité, il est possible que Polkadot atteigne … Read more

Le prteur de crypto Genesis dpose le bilan alors que la crise s’tend, l’insolvabilit de la plateforme cryptographique est la dernire en date des retombes de FTX

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Genesis Global Capital, l’un des principaux prteurs de cryptomonnaies, s’est place sous la protection de la loi amricaine sur les faillites jeudi, devant au moins 3,4 milliards de dollars ses cranciers aprs avoir t renverse par une droute du march avec la bourse FTX et le prteur BlockFi. L’entreprise avait rcemment t accuse par les … Read more

Les cryptos s’invitent Davos – Crypto Recap

Les cryptos sinvitent a Davos Crypto Recap

Block 1 : Les actualités essentielles  La Russie et l’Iran envisagent le lancement d’un stablecoin adossé à l’or La banque centrale iranienne envisage la possibilité de créer, avec la participation de la Russie, un jeton numérique pour faciliter le commerce dans la région perse, selon un rapport citant le chef de l’organisation de … Read more

The big trends to follow in the crypto universe in 2023

The big trends to follow in the crypto universe in

The past year has been particularly tough for the crypto world. The bankruptcy of the American platform FTX, which collapsed in the space of a few days in November, has permanently sent cryptocurrency prices down, with bitcoin falling 75% since its peak a year earlier. And the domino effect of this bankruptcy “probably has not … Read more

Crypto: Genesis is expected to go bankrupt in the next few days

Crypto Genesis is expected to go bankrupt in the

Genesis, the struggling loan company since the FTX incident, is finally set to file for bankruptcy. The situation comes after multiple statements between the CEO of the company and the Winklevoss brothers who manage the Gemini platform. Not yet official Despite relative calm in the cryptocurrency market for the past few days, with bitcoin above … Read more