Hong Kong Cryptocurrency Industry Blames Lack of Political Support Responsible for Crypto Business Exodus

Hong Kong Cryptocurrency Industry Blames Lack of Political Support Responsible

Hong Kong is known as a hub of digital assets given the installation of several projects in the city. However, since the arrival of Covid-19, restrictions have been put in place limiting the activity of companies in the sector. Two years after the start of the pandemic, these restrictions are still applied, pushing players to … Read more

Crypto News Today: What Are The Top Cryptocurrencies To Watch In The Coin Market: Shiba Inu, Moshnake, And Litecoin

1662829344 Big Eyes Coin Dogecoin and Shiba Inu Could Generate Massive

Facebook Twitter Messenger WhatsApp LinkedIn The key to success in the cryptocurrency market is to find a niche and develop a cryptocurrency around it. Users will be more likely to choose your cryptocurrency over others if you are the first to offer specific value. This is precisely what Solana (SOL) and Litecoin (LTC) share. Litecoin … Read more

Npm Packages Used By Compromised Crypto Exchanges

Several npm packages released by crypto exchange, dYdX, and used by at least 44 cryptocurrency projects appear to have been compromised. Powered by the Ethereum blockchain, dydX is a decentralized exchange offering perpetual trading options for over 35 popular cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH). At the time of writing, we have observed that … Read more

What is this digital currency that is changing the world of cryptocurrencies? – BBC News Africa

What is this digital currency that is changing the world

Writing BBC News World 51 minutes ago Photo credit, BackyardProduction image caption, The value of Ether has increased by 4,250% since January. Maybe it happened to you that when someone tells you about how cryptocurrencies work, their language suddenly turns into something completely incomprehensible. As soon as you use concepts like “blockchain” or “mining”, things … Read more

How To Transfer Crypto From Crypto.com To Coinbase

Bitcoin what will happen after the last mined BTC

Moving cryptocurrency between different currency exchanges can sometimes be a bit tricky. This article will detail exactly what crypto and crypto exchanges are. It will then provide a guide to moving crypto between two of the most popular exchanges, Crypto.com and Coinbase. Frequently asked questions will then be addressed. Quick dive into cryptocurrencies and crypto … Read more

Coinbase denies Wall Street Journal proprietary trading claims

Coinbase denies Wall Street Journal proprietary trading claims

In an article on September 22, the Wall Street Journal revealed that Coinbase had conducted transactions on its own account. Allegations immediately dismissed by the crypto exchange platform in an article on its website. The latter indicated that the famous newspaper was confusing activities on behalf of clients with investment for own account. The Wall … Read more

Is This Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet Safe? Shock Alert! – Tech Tribune France

Is This Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet Safe Shock Alert Tech

Using a hardware wallet is the most effective way to protect cryptocurrency. It is a secure hardware device that stores private transaction keys and other sensitive data. Unlike internet and mobile wallets, a hardware wallet cannot be hacked without physical access to the device, making money less vulnerable to theft in this method. The Ledger … Read more

Flynt Launches Industry’s Highest Yielding Bitcoin Product – Bitcoin Planet Press Release

Flynt Launches Industrys Highest Yielding Bitcoin Product Bitcoin Planet

Press release PRESS RELEASE. Flynt Finance, the Singapore-based cryptocurrency financial services firm co-founded by former derivatives exchange traders and analysts, launched a platform for crypto structured products last week. The relatively high yields (up to 50% APY) on Flynt have generated strong interest from crypto yield enthusiasts, especially during the bear market when volatility is … Read more

Coinbase (COIN) approved in the Netherlands, towards an expansion of the American giant to all the European Union (EU)

Coinbase COIN approved in the Netherlands towards an expansion of

The American crypto giant Coinbase was endorsed by the Netherlands, making it the first major cryptocurrency exchange in the country. This approval should pave the way for the whole of the EU to soon adopt new regulations relating to cryptocurrency markets. First Major Crypto Exchange Approved in Holland The Dutch central bank, From Nederlandsche Bank … Read more