Underwater, ATH buyers have capitulated according to Glassnode

1648295107 Underwater ATH buyers have capitulated according to Glassnode

At the gate – The markets operate in cycles and successive waves, bullish then bearish. The Data Specialist on chain Glassnode shows how red the last few months have been on the markets. Its latest report notably points to the fact that buyers entering Bitcoin at $69,000 are starting to give up. A little reminder … Read more

NFT Frosties: 2 men arrested for a 1 million dollar scam – LeBigData.fr

NFT Frosties 2 men arrested for a 1 million dollar

Two men have been arrested in California following a ‘rug pull’ NFT scam. After raising funds for their “Frosties” collection, the two thugs tried to disappear with the money without proceeding with the project… The NFT market is currently worth $13 billion. If this new business attracts artists and investors, it also arouses the lust … Read more

The cryptocurrency war rages on, from New York to El Salvador

1648277650 The cryptocurrency war rages on from New York to El

New York Mayor Eric Adamsis all smiles on this video published at the end of January on Twitter. Logic: it’s his first pay day at City Hall. But the moment is special for another reason. Taking up a promise from his Miami counterpart, Francis Suarez, and with the help of the Coinbase platform, his check … Read more

The Father-Son Team Who Recovers Lost Cryptocurrencies

1648268966 The Father Son Team Who Recovers Lost Cryptocurrencies

The rollercoaster world of cryptocurrencies has transformed the fortunes of many, not only creating a slew of new millionaires, but also spawning new careers in the digital coin industry. People are giving up their daily jobs to trade cryptocurrencies full time or to participate in gambling games to earn, while others are starting specialized consultants … Read more

MetaHorse Announces Entry Into The Metaverse Space With The – Tech Tribune France

MetaHorse Announces Entry Into The Metaverse Space With The

LONDON, March 25, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — MetaHorse has announced the launch of its horse racing metaverse game, based on blockchain technology, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and GameFi which allows players to enjoy horse racing horses to a whole new level. MetaHorse gamifies horse racing by allowing users to virtually breed, train, compete and bet against … Read more

Meta Wants To Introduce Web3, The Metaverse Virtually In All Its Future Products

Meta Wants To Introduce Web3 The Metaverse Virtually In All

Meta filed eight trademarks with the USPTOsix of which relate to cryptocurrencies and the metaverse. The company is also working on introducing NFTs to Instagram and Facebook. Meta also designs advertisements for the metaverse and works on e-wallets. Meta, formerly Facebook, may have ended its cryptocurrency aspirations, but the company is seriously considering moving its … Read more

Why Ethereum, Solana, and Dogecoin Are Up Today

Why Ethereum Solana and Dogecoin Are Up Today

Facebook Twitter Messenger WhatsApp LinkedIn Today the crypto-Large-cap currencies Ethereum (ETH 0.19%), Solana (SOL 0.10%), and Dogecoin (DOGE -2.19%) are each seeing very positive price action in the market. These three tokens have appreciated by 2.7%, 6.3% and 8.8% over the past 24 hours, as of 12:10 p.m. ET. Each of these top tokens has … Read more

iExec Portal: the DeFi oracle of which you are the hero

1648233885 iExec Portal the DeFi oracle of which you are the

iExec is a decentralized marketplace for computing resources. It also develops an innovative tool that allows you to create a modular “oracle” in just a few clicks, totally faithful to your expectations as a developer. A pioneer of the blockchain, the high-tech company has also been able to forge strong ties with its community. Today, … Read more

Mobile and blockchain games: Joyride raises $14 million

1648225164 Mobile and blockchain games Joyride raises 14 million

Joyride Games, a platform for creating and operating blockchain-based mobile games, recently raised $14 million. This funding comes as the first games built on the platform prepare to launch over the next six months. Joyride, a mobile platform to compete with Steam? Joyride uses Unitya very popular game development engine on which, for example, are … Read more

3 things to know about the Shiba Inu crypto, before thinking about investing a penny in the SHIB token! – The ₿log

3 things to know about the Shiba Inu crypto before

shiba inus (SHIB) has investors watching closely — and wondering if they should get in on the action. The popular meme token soared 45,000,000% last year. It is now the 15th largest cryptocurrency by market value. And at a price of a fraction of a penny, it’s an affordable bet. But Shiba Inu is also … Read more