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Auto123 updatestest drive the 2022 BMW iX xDrive50a new all-electric SUV from the Bavarian brand.

BMW is increasing its efforts these days in connection with the electrification of its range of vehicles. The Bavarian automaker, a pioneer in the luxury electric niche with the exotic i8 launched in 2015 and the i3 city car appearing a year earlier, upgraded to the second generation of its electric vehicles last year, although in practice , the electrified powertrain is already in its fifth generation.

These two models (the i3 and the i8) now being part of the recent history of the brand with the propeller, BMW has already revived the debate with two models certainly better adapted to the reality of a North American motorist. .

The i4 and the iX
After the i4 sedan-coupe put to the test earlier this winter, here is the more utilitarian and more unique 2022 BMW iX, a purely electric crossover which, unlike its i4 counterpart, adopts a completely out-of-the-ordinary style. Next to the latter, a Tesla Model X looks very generic. For our test, we drove an xDrive50 livery, the more powerful of the two “regular” versions of the vehicle, while waiting for the super-powerful iX M60 livery with 610 horsepower!

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2022 BMW iX xDrive50, on the road

2022 BMW iX xDrive50, on the road

Polarize opinions
The least we can say about the iX is that it’s unlike any other vehicle currently on the road. We certainly recognize a few typical features of the propeller brand, such as this giant double-format grille and these thinned optical units, but we have to admit that the electric utility is somewhat different from the electric 4 Series, which is more conservative in his approach. Still very rare on our roads, the BMW iX turns heads wherever it goes, especially when people realize that this large vehicle does not emit any sound, except perhaps the friction of the tires on the dusty asphalt. of spring.

Well planted on 22-inch rims (available as an option), the example made available to us was also equipped with all-season tires, a fit that is more appropriate for this time of year. Needless to add, those oversized skid plates fill out the SUV’s muscular wheel arches quite nicely. We should also mention that this Red Aventurine Metallic III body color paired with this Titanium Bronze finish is really not a typical combination for a product from the German brand.

One thing is certain, the BMW iX has not finished polarizing consumer opinions, but everything indicates that senior management has won its bet since consumer interest is already very high, we are told. Not bad for a vehicle whose base price exceeds the $90,000 mark.

2022 BMW iX xDrive50, interior

2022 BMW iX xDrive50, interior

An even crazier cabin
In case you find the silhouette of the iX unusual, take a look inside. This is the beauty of electric platforms which, thanks to much more compact engines, allow completely different layouts from what currently exists on the side of gasoline vehicles. At the front, for example, the flat floor frees up all this space between the two passengers, the console which is not “attached” to the dashboard.

The seats are also very comfortable, a comment that also applies to the second row, which also benefits from this flat floor. The middle passenger is therefore not at a disadvantage. But, let’s go back to the front if you don’t mind where the iX exposes all its technology on this vast curved and “floating” screen. Moreover, the brand’s regulars will have to get used to it: this large panel made up of two screens (one behind the steering wheel and the other, touch-sensitive, in the center) will soon be installed on board all the brand’s models.

The iX innovates all the same with this central console where a few keys with haptic feedback are mixed with this wheel of the entertainment system, the cylinder for the volume control of the audio system or this tiny lever of the transmission. A little lower, in order not to clutter up this space between the two passengers, there are two cup holders and even an inductive charging device for smart devices.

Of course, the content of the infotainment system is very complex, BMW which is not stingy when it comes to applications and settings of all kinds. Let’s also mention this hexagonal steering wheel, which is quite massive to hold in hand, but which nevertheless gives an accurate picture of road conditions. The only downside to the table: the trunk, although roomy, suffers from the fairly pronounced angle of the tailgate, as well as from these very wide walls on either side of the cargo space. The cargo volume is more akin to that of the X3.

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2022 BMW iX xDrive50 review | Road tests | Auto123

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