BINANCE: launch of the “My Crypto Journey” Campaign

To celebrate the transformative power of blockchain technology, Binance (), the world’s leading blockchain ecosystem and cryptocurrency infrastructure provider, recently launched the “My Crypto Journey” series, a collection of inspiring stories from Binance users in Africa, showcasing how blockchain and crypto have impacted their lives.

Over the past few years, Africa’s interaction with cryptocurrency has established some of its most significant use cases and opportunities for greater financial inclusion for people in the region. To show this, users shared their crypto journey and how crypto changed their lives for the better. Over 1000 users across Africa have shared their journeys detailing their experience with crypto.

Ebony, a 27-year-old freelancer in Nigeria, shared her experience growing up in a financially-struggling African home with very limited means and how she found crypto to be her way out of poverty.

Crypto helped put food on my table, and for that my family and I are grateful“, said Ebony.

Ebony’s journey began in 2018, when she came across a Facebook post explaining how crypto can potentially change the world – it was a defining moment for her as it became the turning point that lifted her out of it. which she describes as a low point in her life. . As the post sparked her interest in crypto, she researched and watched videos on YouTube to better guide her on how to start her crypto journey.

From then on, Ebony shared that Binance was “the hub of his crypto journey.” The blockchain giant is trusted by millions around the world for its security, speed, and robust selection of innovative features. The company providing free cryptographic information ( to beginners and crypto enthusiasts, Ebony quickly learned that Nigerians can trade on the P2P platform ( from Binance to receive naira to their bank accounts directly from the Binance App. Ebony added that she was excited to start this journey because

Not only did Binance have excellent customer service, but she could be sure her funds were safe, as user security and compliance is a top priority for the company.

Since I was already poor, I took a chance on crypto. It doesn’t matter if I don’t become a millionaire, I just needed a little push. – Ebony, 27.

Ebony’s life has changed for the better since she discovered crypto. Not only did she escape poverty, but the use of crypto also opened her eyes to the limitless possibilities that digital assets provide. Overall, crypto has elevated its trust and status in life. Now, Ebony is using her story to motivate others to take advantage of the financial opportunities offered by crypto and helping others along the way.

However, to begin any crypto journey, Ebony advises that education is important. She believes that if you keep learning, it will pay off. Not only is Ebony’s journey a testament to the transformative power of crypto, it shows the truly decentralized and accessible nature of the technology.

Vital blockchain technology can offer without borders or limits for Africans, whether it is providing better financial access, supplementing incomes or helping to create lifelines, the technology enables the financial inclusion for millions of people.


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BINANCE: launch of the “My Crypto Journey” Campaign

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