Blockscan, messaging on Ethereum?

Vitalik sent you a wizz – This Tuesday, the team ofetherscan introduced Blockscan Chat. This messaging wallet-to-wallet could it be the beginning of a plausible response to the failures of Web3 in terms of communication?

Unlocking a new type of exchanges

etherscan is a platform for exploring data-on-chain, search, API and analytics dedicated to the Ethereum(ETH) network. By offering a messaging simple and instantaneous, it is no longer just a question of asset exchanges.

Blockscan Beta Homepage – Source: blockscan

First, with the integration of the sacrosanct Sign in with Ethereuman essential element of a dApp worthy of the name, Blockscan does not cut corners. Additionally, the Etherscan team took care to incorporate theEthereum Name Service (ENS).

Recipients with an Ethereum address will receive a notification via block explorer. However, don’t panic! However, it will not be made public.

Twitter post Camila Russo - Etherscan Blockscan messaging announcement
Publication by Camila Russo, founder of The Defiant – Source: Twitter

However, you may be wondering why take advantage of the Ethereum blockchain to send messages instead of your phone or any other available application?

The answer is illustrated by 3 capacities :

  • Keep it control of its data;
  • Use platforms censorship resistant ;
  • Communicate without fear of surveillance.

In reality, that is not quite what is happening here. In addition, the home page is quite explicit on this subject:

“Remember we are off-chain! Blockscan Chat (built by Etherscan) runs on our servers, so messages are not sent over a blockchain. There is also no guarantee that the recipient will see or respond to your message. »

To put it simply, Blockscan has no not the benefits of decentralization.

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Current Failures in Web3 Communication

“I had the same issue, but it was resolved immediately after I wrote to Metamask instant support. I think you should write to them too. »

Jollyce Myrick

A phrase well known to all!

Overloaded Discord messages, spam, scams: this is the everyday routine of the average user.

In a personal writing, I suggested some ways ofimprovement that is here :

contract-to-wallet to receive announcements verified of a project;
Wallet-to-wallet in order to be able to reach the specific owner of an NFT;
Wallet sign-in with the intention of providing access to a community inaccessible without holding a particular token.

Blockscan hit the nail on the head. By opting for a wallet-to-wallet system, it would allow bidders tosend directly messages to asset owners. In short, the platform could well become a alternative undermining traditional NFT marketplaces.

Twitter posts Bruno - announcement messaging Etherscan Blockscan
Bruno’s posts – Source: Twitter

For him, some projects are trying to develop messaging wallet-to-wallet, but the hardest part is still getting the network off the ground. The advantage of Etherscan is its inherent trafficespecially the target audience.

It is through this vision that the competition with NFT marketplaces, like OpenSea, taking hold. If you see an NFT that you like, why not just send a message directly to its owner? The discussion could lead to an agreement and, by abrogating this third party, costs could be avoided.

At the same time, users are concerned about the trash can to spam that the platform could become. However, the creators were far-sighted. Mail gives us 2 precautions :

  • Traditional blocking;
  • An anti-spam mode.

In the second case, only authorized new conversations to a user with whom you have already previously interacted through a transaction on Ethereum.

We can still to worry of the’emergence of a pay-to-scam model. Recently, we witnessed the disarray of naïve owners who had made steal their BAYC. Could this deployment hitching up the wagons between communication and Web3 be another way to bring the wolf back into the fold?

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Blockscan, messaging on Ethereum?

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