Branded Content: The 10th Acibadem Group Hospital in Istanbul

As a world-renowned medical chain and Turkey’s leading healthcare group, Acibadem continues to grow rapidly. The Group has just inaugurated its new hospital – Acibadem Ataşehir – as the 10th hospital in Istanbul and 24th in the world. Acibadem Ataşehir is recognized for its unique architecture, advanced medical technology and digital systems exclusively developed by the Group in the field of health management. The new medical campus is distinguished by its pediatric clinic with its unique child-friendly design and its internal and external playgrounds, located at the side of the main building of Ataşehir Hospital.

Acibadem Group is a global private healthcare chain operating in 5 countries; Turkey, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia and the Netherlands. With the inauguration of the ultra-modern Acibadem Atasehir Hospital, the Group continues to expand its chain and the range of its medical services.

Acibadem Atasehir Hospital is particularly distinguished by its integrated digital infrastructure that serves as the central backbone for the management systems of all Acibadem Group hospitals and clinics, its highly experienced medical staff, and its state-of-the-art technology for diagnostics and treatments.

Acibadem Atasehir Hospital provides treatment in all branches of medicine, and provides special care to little patients, expectant mothers and patients in the oncology department with the hospital’s unique design and features that meet all their needs, guaranteeing the safety and satisfaction of all, throughout the process from diagnosis to treatment. The hospital has 153 suites of different standings, 298 beds, 10 operating theatres, 1 operating room dedicated to IVF and operating rooms for minor surgery, endoscopy and colonoscopy and angiography.

The interior area of ​​the hospital totals 65000 m², equipped to add a touch of eco-friendly modernity to the skyline of Atasehir district on the Asian side of Istanbul city. The Acibadem Atasehir campus has received the LEED GOLD certificate, for its “Ecological” and “Smart Building” characteristics.

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Private clinic for children with a carousel

Located in a separate building, the architecture of the pediatric clinic accommodates a child-friendly environment on 2 floors. Its facilities entertain little patients with activities and play areas that distract them from the atmosphere of classic hospitals. The pediatric clinic operates 24 hours a day with doctors specializing in all branches and sub-branches of pediatrics. Observation rooms are located near the entrance with separate direct access for children with fever and contagious infections. To be able to carry out blood tests and vaccinations, dedicated laboratories complete the internal structures of the clinic. A carousel is located outside the building to entertain children and allow them to have fun during their visit to Acibadem Atasehir Hospital.

A holistic approach for oncology patients

The oncology clinic has been designed to meet the specific needs of patients who receive oncology treatments. This department is accessible via a separate entrance, a team of experienced specialists using a multidisciplinary approach and ensuring the well-being of patients provides continuous service. There are a total of 34 chemotherapy treatment units, 30 of which are outpatient and 4 inpatient with medical bed, all equipped with advanced technological systems.

A hospital that houses a digital art gallery

Acibadem Atasehir Hospital welcomes its visitors with a digital artwork at its main entrance, the artwork was created specifically by manipulating digital data from Acibadem Hospitals. These data from 145,580 babies born in Acibadem hospitals were used to design this exclusive piece of art by famous brother artists Hakan and Süleyman Yilmaz, who are acclaimed for their digital works in Turkey. In the work of the two artists entitled “Birth”, each newborn is represented by a flower symbol according to the month of his birth. The digital artwork will not be limited to babies born in the past, but will continue to evolve with each birth to ultimately be a “living” digital artwork.

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Branded Content: The 10th Acibadem Group Hospital in Istanbul

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