ByBlock: building bricks stronger than concrete, made from plastic waste (not recyclable)

Non-recyclable waste is a real scourge for our planet! All you have to do is look around you to see the ground strewn with cigarette butts or plastics of all kinds… As for the oceans, it seems that there are more plastics there than fish by now. year 2100. In Los Angeles, there is a company that specializes in the recovery and recycling of precisely “non-recyclable” waste: ByFusion manufactures amazing building bricks that strongly resemble the famous LEGO using only waste which would not have been recycled. This brilliant invention deserves to be known, and recognized as being of public utility!

What are ByBlock bricks?

These bricks come in the form of large LEGOs weighing 10 kilos each, measuring 40 cm x 20 cm x 20 cm, and each assembled without any glue or adhesive, but which overlap each other. They are made by compressing waste not recyclable according to a process kept secret by the company. ByFusion promises that these bricks will never crack nor will they crumble, unlike standard concrete blocks which can sometimes show cracks. In concrete terms, a ton of plastic or non-recyclable waste makes it possible to manufacture a ton of bricks… Zero waste down the line!

LEGO building bricks. Photo credit: ByFusion

Where did the idea for this invention come from?

The founders of the start-up sought to design a useful and practical product. By dint of seeing the heaps of waste that were piling up all over the world, they wondered what they could do with it… The idea of ​​the brick came quickly, even if the idea of build real buildings with giant LEGOs colorful might seem a bit crazy! The company’s engineers held on and developed their amazing multicolored bricks made from discarded plastics.

What can ByBlock bricks be used for?

Concretely, these bricks are not made to be hidden… On the contrary! They are made using a steam compaction process that lets show the original colors waste used. For ByFusion, these bricks can now be an integral part of street furniture and serve as construction materials for noise barriers, or retaining walls, but also to make planters, benches, fences, low walls, etc. The possibilities seem endless!

A BYBLOCK brick wall
A ByBlock brick wall. Photo credit: ByFusion

An innovative construction material that seduces…

Byblocks are environmentally friendly, easy to install and innovative, and are already winning over some cities in the United States. A few days ago, the company published photos of a construction in the city of Tucson that installs public benches made with these colored bricks. And in Boise, a city in Idaho, the inhabitants deposit their plastic waste which will be recovered by ByFusion to create new bricks. ByFusion concludes with these words: “Since 1950, the world has created 6.3 trillion kilograms of plastic waste – and 91% have never been recycled even once… Stories like this make us determined to bring ByBlock to every corner of the world. We can do it together!”

BYBLOCK bricks
BYBLOCK bricks. Photo credit: ByFusion

More information about this invention? Meet on the ByFusion Facebook page or on their channel Youtube. At the editorial office, we love the idea of ​​recycling plastics of course, but also of putting a little color in our often very dull cities… Are these bricks brilliant, aren’t they? More information :

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ByBlock: building bricks stronger than concrete, made from plastic waste (not recyclable)

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