China’s First Metaverse Major Was Established at Jiangsu University to Train More Talents Based on the Needs of Related Sectors – China Direct

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China’s first Metaverse major was established at a university in East China’s Jiangsu province in the hope of nurturing more talent based on business needs in Metaverse-related industries.

The School of Artificial Intelligence (School of Future Technology) at Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology, Jiangsu, on Friday renamed its information engineering department to the Department of Metaverse Engineering. , becoming the first university department named after the Metaverse in China.

Pan Zhigeng, dean of the School of Artificial Intelligence (School of Future Technology), told China Direct on Sunday that the renowned department will be integrated with more metaverse-related courses and disciplines to nurture more talents according to business needs. in sectors related to the metaverse.

According to Pan, the metaverse is the integration of a wide range of technologies and applications such as the Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain, artificial intelligence and smart healthcare. The talents trained at the department can meet the demands of businesses in various sectors, including smart health, smart education and digital tourism.

The new department will also cooperate closely with metaverse-related enterprises to further promote the integration of education and production, Pan said, noting that the department also plans to jointly train master’s students, PhD and postdoctoral fellows with Hong Kong Polytechnic. University.

The renowned department immediately sparked heated discussions online with many netizens wondering what courses will be offered and what kind of talent will be nurtured.

According to Pan, it is expected that more talents with specific skills needed for metaverse-related sectors will be trained.

The School of Artificial Intelligence is determined to create three research teams, including the Metaverse Research Institute, the Smart Meteorological Research Institute, and the Smart Medical Research Institute.

Among them, the Metaverse Research Institute co-established with Yalong Intelligent Equipment Group Co in August will focus on the intelligent education sector.

For some scenarios where the physical operation cannot be performed, such as the cockpit of an airplane, the working environment can be simulated through technology to improve training efficiency.

Also, as tombs have become more expensive in recent years, people will be able to sweep the tomb in the metaverse in the future, Peng said.

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China’s First Metaverse Major Was Established at Jiangsu University to Train More Talents Based on the Needs of Related Sectors – China Direct

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