Cromy joins the Assembly ecosystem (ASMB)

Cromy NFT has joined Touchpoint, Assembly’s Open Builders program, providing participants with a community of like-minded builders as well as direct access to funding, experts, knowledge and general support. The goal is to launch and scale the next generation of decentralized applications and infrastructure on Assembly.

Official announcement from Assembly on Twitter about Cromy NFTs

What is Cromy NFT?

Cromy was very popular in the 80s and 90s in South America under the name Cromy Stickers. With over 169 decks of cards, 69 sticker albums and over 100 collectibles in multiple formats, the Cromy Club had over 500,000 members in Latin America. After 40 years, Cromy launched its own non-fungible token (NFT). Thanks to the Assembly ecosystem, Cromy celebrated its rebirth in 2022. It has awakened the passion of collectors around the world with the latest technologies. They can thus leverage digitization for a metaverse within the collection.

With their unique approach to NFTs, Cromy remains a platform for digital creation. This is the opportunity for anyone to swap their favorite stickers during the school holidays. Cromy takes into consideration the needs of NFT collectors and creators. Collectors have the NFT launcher to showcase and play within the social gaming platform. Creators, meanwhile, will have an accessible way to monetize their collections through Cromy’s DAppster.

Due to the low operating costs of the mining and flexibility in fee structures, Cromy will be even more accessible than it was then. They combine storytelling and gamification to create collections of useful NFTs through Collect-to-Earn experiences and mini-games Play-to-Earn.

What is the Assembly Platform?

First of all, Assembly is a permissionless protocol that allows to create, connect and deploy smart contracts on a multi-channel network. First, it provides flexibility, scalability, and interoperability. Also, it aims to cater to mainstream innovation and mass adoption.

In this way, it offers smart contracts inexpensive, fast and secure, full customization of decentralized applications, and other advantages. Assembly is fully compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) All Solidity smart contracts and innovations built on Ethereum can be easily transferred to the Assembly network. Technology IOTA Tangle represents the unchanging anchor of trust, helping to secure all smart contracts on this platform.

In Assembly, anyone can cast their chains from smart contracts. It’s the ability to customize fee and incentive structures. Dynamic permissionless and decentralized committees of validators oversee the chains. They execute and validate smart contracts. These compound endlessly and can freely transfer assets without additional trusts like decentralized lego blocks.

Validators are assigned to their own chains using a root chain. Validators are rewarded with the network’s native token, ASMB. Over 70% of the ASMB token supply will be distributed to DAOs for governance and developers. Tokenomics are designed to reward the ecosystem.


With Assembly, Cromy wants to bring this collection and Web 3 technology together. It aims to bring capital, information and connections for the growth, funding and support of the ecosystem. This allows builders to feel empowered with a good framework and mainstream.

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Cromy joins the Assembly ecosystem (ASMB)

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