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Already well cooled by the fall of cryptocurrencies, the crypto sphere is seeing its investors slip away little by little.

Enthusiasts divest

Clearly, the cryptocurrency world is out of luck. After a violent fall from which the tokens are barely recovering, it seems that investors are abandoning the blockchain. While some coins are still seeing their value fall, the latter are discouraged and prefer to resell the contents of their wallet before losing everything. A vicious circle that is spreading dangerously within the crypto sphere.

According Mirror Mag, it would be the Solana blockchain that would suffer most from the phenomenon. Despite the profusion of promising projects within its ecosystem, the SOL token saw its value drop by almost 13% in a few weeks. After seeing her total blocked value decline, Solana reported a whole host of issues. His blockchain broke down first, and as of yesterday, his clock is said to be half an hour behind.

Chain timing is about 30 minutes behind that of wall clocks, due to longer than normal blocking times. Although it has no impact on performance or network operations, the time reported by block explorers and dapps may not reflect the time of the wall clock.

Excerpt from status page by Solana

An accumulation of small worries that give investors the opportunity to review their priorities while gently pushing them towards the exit. Indeed, why invest in a failing blockchain and lose money when other tokens work better?
Nevertheless, Solana is not the only token to testify to this phenomenon since other projects such as Ethereum, Cardano or Ripple report the same distress.

A change in mentality could be at the origin of the phenomenon

As we have seen in recent weeks, the crypto crash has strongly forced players to revise their vision. While top CEOs believe that the fundamentals of the crypto sphere need to be overhauled and its values ​​reworked in order to bring more value to the public, investors are realizing that digital currencies don’t get rich so quickly and easily. easily. Likewise, the ecosystem is still fragile and subject to very high volatility, which many enthusiasts have already encountered.

Faced with this cold shower, investors are more wary and prefer to disengage to think more deeply about the investment of their money. The various blockchains can only hope for the return of their coin’s stability and the massive return of investors after the storm. Ethereum co-founder Gavin Wood recently reported on the disturbing disappearance of the latter and the rather pessimistic nature of their actions. He nevertheless raised the need for them to think more about the projects in which they put their money.

I hope people will pay more attention to what is behind the currency name when engaging with a community, an ecosystem, an economy. Technology can’t stop people from making mistakes, but it can help those who want to better understand the facts of the world, what they’re buying.

Gavin Wood at the World Economic Forum in Davos

The crypto crisis is likely to change the face of the crypto sphere which will need to be more meticulous and thoughtful if it still wishes to survive.


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Cryptocurrencies: increasingly pessimistic investors – BeinCrypto International

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