Does the Minecraft map have an end? After almost 2 years we have an answer

Many of you will wonder what is the point of looking for the end of a game that is technically infinite. Not so much in terms of the extent of the map as the game itself, which can last us forever while we make the most of the version of the world that has fallen to us. So the fact that a member of the community has made it this far is still newsworthy.

Nearly two years of taking steps

The person responsible for such an exploit is none other than Mystical Midget, a streamer who is a reference within the Minecraft scene and who has been warning for some time that he has a project as crazy as it is (almost) impossible between his hands. : find the end of the game and break it… literally, until we see on the screen the famous Game Over, so characteristic of those moments when we get killed and lose all the available lives .

This event took place live on his Twitch channel, where viewers could see the result of a work that lasted more than 400 days by going through the cards of the game, in which he walked on more than 32 million blocks and added a total of over 2,500 hours of gameplay. And all that for what? Well, just below you can see this moment that oscillates between the happy and the tragic…

As you can see from the video, Mystical Midget is on the verge of a nervous breakdown when she realizes she’s reached the very end of the world and her character begins to fall, which could have wiped out that amount. endless hours played. Fortunately, after a few seconds these cries of terror turn into joy because he has reached his goal (but not before having exhausted almost all his bread reserves).

Keep in mind that reaching this limit in the game is not easy because Microsoft (or rather Mojang) has closed the possibility of going beyond the limits imposed by the game itself by simply browsing it there for a long time. Although it was originally possible to do this completely, over the years its creators blocked this possibility, so Mystical Midget had to resort to a very specific version of the game.

a very special version

As we tell you, Mojang closed this possibility of completely browsing the game a long time ago, so Mystical Midget had to resort to a previous version, in particular that of Minecraft beta 1.17, which was prepared for this challenge that the streamer had imposed.

Now, having achieved the goal he had in mind for just over a year, he has embarked on new adventures with a more updated version, beta 1.19, so we will be attentive to know what is the challenge he wants to take on now and whether the game stands up to him or not. After all, after 400 days of walking and walking nonstop, it seems like nothing can stop him inside Minecraft. You do not think ?

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Does the Minecraft map have an end? After almost 2 years we have an answer

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