Ethereum and Shanghai upgrade – end of network test – The ₿log

Changes in Shanghai Upgrade

Among the improvements expected from the Shanghai upgrade are the reduction of gas fees and the ability to withdraw synthetic Ethers (sETH), issued on To reduce the gas coststhe block size will be equalized and the call data efficiency will be increased to increase efficiency.

As Galen Moore, Head of Content at Axelar, explained to CoinTelegraph, specialty channels can be built on Layer 2 protocols so they don’t have to pay the cost of communicating with the Ethereum base chain. . This would make it more efficient to scale horizontally alongside the Ethereum base chain and increase efficiency, which would reduce costs.

At the same time, the EIP-4895 proposal would allow the withdrawal of sETH and other rewards earned through the Beacon Chain. However, network validators who already own sETH cannot withdraw the funds directly to ensure network stability.

But most important is the EIP-3540 proposal which fundamentally changes the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Also called EVM object formatit would separate code from data to improve interoperability.

Currently, Layer2 networks like polygon must use a complex validation process in their processes. With the EIP-3540, however, codes and data would be separated so that on-chain validators could more easily operate the decentralized applications (dApps) and that developers can create better codes.

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What is Ethereum Shanghai?

the merge was only the first of five planned stages by Ethereum developers to improve the network. It has reduced energy consumption by 99% while Shanghai will reduce gas costs.

The current test network is expected to be in development until September 2023, after which “The Surge” will be implemented. This should increase scalability of the blockchain, while the three latest upgrades: Verge; Purge; and Splurge, will take place in the years to come. Program loaded for ETH.

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Ethereum and Shanghai upgrade – end of network test – The ₿log

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