FIM Speedway Grand Prix 2022: format, stages, rules, TV channel… everything you need to know about the new Speedway event

The Speedway has changed in recent months. After several months, even years, of work, the FIM Speedway Grand Prix opens its doors. Goal ? Make speedway a new stronghold of motorsports thanks to a new soap opera in nearly 12 episodes and with the best speedway riders on the planet.

See you this Saturday April 30 at 7 p.m. in Goričan, Croatia to experience the first of the twelve stages of this FIM Speedway Grand Prix. The entire competition will be followed on Eurosport platforms. To subscribe to Eurosport, it’s here.

Speedway GP

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How to watch the FIM Speedway Grand Prix 2022 live video? On which channel ?

In France, the 2022 FIM Speedway Grand Prix can be watched live and exclusively on the Eurosport app and The best moments of each stage will be available on Eurosport 1 and Eurosport 2 a few hours after the race.

You can find the best of speedway with videos and all the results on and the Eurosport app.

Subscribe to Eurosport and experience a year of sport with the best of cycling, tennis, motorsports and much more!

The format and the points during this FIM Speedway Grand Prix 2022

Each stage will welcome 16 riders who will compete for 20 rounds, which can be described as “series”. Each of these rounds will pit 4 riders against each other who will have to complete 4 laps of the track. The winner of each round will pocket 4 points, the second 2 points, the third 1 point, while the last will leave empty-handed.

The eight riders with the most points at the end of these series of 20 heats will meet in two semi-finals. The first two will go to the final. The winner of the final will earn 20 points for the general classification of the championship, the second 18 points, the third 16 points and the fourth 14 points.

Athletes who finish third in each semi-final will earn 11 or 12 points depending on their respective result. Same thing for the fourth, who will take 9 or 10 points.

The riders eliminated during the series will also take points and this, in a classic format as in other motor sports. The ninth will take 8 points to finish with a small point awarded to the sixteenth and last of the stage.

The rider with the most points at the end of the season will be crowned world champion.

What are the FIM Speedway Grand Prix rules?

Four runners, each wearing a red, blue, white or yellow helmet, are at the start of each race. The runner in red starts at gate 1 (inside the track), blue at gate 2, white at gate 3 and yellow outside at gate 4.

All runners must be ready to race by the time the referee’s two-minute countdown begins or they will be disqualified. For the rest, it’s like in all motor sports: as soon as the lights go out, it’s time to race!

The four runners then set off for four laps of the track, all in nearly a minute of racing. The race is stopped if one of the runners falls. If it takes place in the first lap, the referee can decide to restart the race. If a rider leaves the limits of the track, he is considered excluded from the race (except in exceptional cases).

Cases of disqualification:

  • Not being ready when the referee’s starting meter reaches zero
  • Touch the starting line before it is released
  • Being responsible for the fall of another runner

Mikkel Michelsen (Denmark) during practice at FIM Speedway of Nations, Manchester in October 2021.

Credit: Getty Images

How are the qualifications carried out?

The qualifications take place on the same day as the race and allow the runner to ensure the best choice of bib. They take place before the “series”, mentioned above. Each runner will start from each of the four gates at least once, but will start from the same gate twice. The qualifying sessions allow you to better control the track and above all to obtain the best possible place.

Riders take to the track in groups of three and attempt to achieve the fastest laps in three two-minute blocks. The rider who records the fastest lap is rewarded with the first choice of starting number for the event. The second chooses in turn and so on until the last.

What machines are used in speedway?

The Speedway “machines” have 500 cc engines and run on pure methanol. They have no brakes, which means that athletes take turns and variations in terrain by sliding in the dust of the track.

Speedways have a fixed gear. Teams can make adjustments during a race to boost performance. Riders can use as many machines as they want at a SpeedwayGP stage.

Who are the participants of the FIM Speedway Grand Prix 2022?

The sixteen best riders from previous events will be at the start. However, 2021 champion Artem Laguta and third-place finisher Emil Sayfutdinov will not participate due to the FIM ban on Russian athletes competing. Both have been replaced.

They were joined by three Grand Prix Challenge riders as well as the winner of the European Championship. Five other runners have been chosen by the organizers of the competition. A wildcard completes the board.

The field of riders who will participate in the FIM Speedway Grand Prix 2022.

Credit: Other Agency

Five other riders will be substitutes in the event of illness, injury or other absence of a member of the main group. Among them, the Frenchman David Bellego will be ready.

The “big” board

  • Bartosz Zmarzlik (Poland)
  • Fredrik Lindgren (Sweden)
  • Maciej Janowski (Poland)
  • Tai Woffinden (UK)
  • Leon Madsen (Denmark)
  • Jason Doyle (Australia)
  • Robert Lambert (UK)
  • Anders Thomsen (Denmark)
  • Martin Vaculík (Slovakia)
  • Paweł Przedpełski (Poland)
  • Max Fricke (Australia)
  • Patryk Dudek (Poland)
  • Mikkel Michelsen (Denmark)
  • Jack Holder (Australia)
  • Dan Bewley (UK)

The replacements

  • Andžejs Ļebedevs (Latvia)
  • Jakub Miśkowiak (Poland)
  • Mads Hansen (Denmark)
  • Luke Becker (USA)
  • David Bellego (France)

David Bellego (France) during the Speedway of Nations in 2021.

Credit: Imago

The 2022 FIM Speedway Grand Prix calendar

To date, twelve events are planned for this 2022 season. However, due to the crisis between Russia and Ukraine, FIM Speedway has announced that the event initially planned in Togliatti, Russia, on July 9, will not be held not. The name of the replacement destination has not yet been revealed.

  • 1st step : April 30, at the Stadion Milenium in Gorican (Croatia)
  • 2nd stage : May 14, at Stadion Narodowy in Warsaw (Poland)
  • 3rd step : May 28, at Marketa Stadium in Prague (Czech Republic)
  • 4th step : June 4, at the Bergring Arena in Teterow (Germany)
  • 5th step : June 25, at the Edward Jancarz Stadium in Gorzow (Poland)
  • 6th step : July 9 (place to be defined)
  • 7th step : August 13, at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff (Wales)
  • 8th step : August 27, at the Olympic Stadium in Wrocław (Poland)
  • 9th step : September 10, at the Vojens Speedway Center in Vojens (Denmark)
  • 10th step : September 17, at the G&B Arena in Malila (Sweden)
  • 11th step : October 1, at the Rose Motoarena in Torun (Poland)
  • 12th step : November 5, in Oceania (place to be determined)

A speedway event in Torun in 2021.

Credit: Imago

Speedway GP

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