Fishing – How to properly fish for predators in the Nièvre

As in previous seasons, fishing reserves linked to zander spawning grounds will be set up and marked out on the Morvan lakes (Pannecière, Chaumeçon and Saint-Agnan).

Exceptionally, Lac des Settons will not be affected by these protection operations since it will be completely drained in September 2022, due to maintenance work on the dam.

This measure, which aims to increase the pike-perch population by protecting its reproduction, is therefore not justified this year.

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Nevertheless, an unprecedented action will take place during the Open Illex des Settons organized on May 21 by the Association Morvan Carnassier (AMC). During the competition, the Federation will carry out with the volunteers of the AMC and the local AAPPMA, a collection of all the predators captured by the competitors. They will then be discharged into the other lakes of the Morvan.

Indeed, during the emptying of large bodies of water, the survival rate of predators and in particular percids (zander and perch) is unfortunately low. Fragile, they cannot stand water laden with suspended matter (mud) when the water level is at its lowest. The goal is therefore to take advantage of the contest to save as many as possible.

New launches

The Federation will take advantage of the draining of the Settons to carry out major works for the benefit of fishermen and fish. The Morvandelle and Chevigny launches will be completely rehabilitated to be functional regardless of the water level. Two new launches will be created in the juniper and birch sectors. The fishermen on board will not be outdone since the rocky spur located near the beach of branlasses will be extended by 25 meters.

Another key measure for 2022: the creation of reefs on the lakes of Settons and Chaumeçon as well as on the Etang de Vaux.

Immerse pebbles

Many studies prove that the lack of natural caches directly impacts the food chain and logically the quantities of fish present in an aquatic environment. Indeed, fish species need a wide variety of habitats to develop. They look for both breeding areas, feeding areas, but also caches or refuge areas to be able to rest and shelter from their predators.

In the previously mentioned bodies of water, there is a flagrant lack of these “refuge” habitats. The shelters made up of blocks, reliefs, stumps or trees that have fallen into the water are areas around which fish gather, whether forage, crayfish or even predators for the density of prey present.

The objective of this project is therefore to immerse blocks of pebbles and trees in many areas in order to approach an optimum biotope with, as a direct consequence, an increase in the fish fauna of the lake.
Monitoring will be carried out by echo sounder and the experience will be repeated on other bodies of water in future years.

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Fishing – How to properly fish for predators in the Nièvre

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