Footage of off-duty policeman being assaulted by Palestinians

Video footage released late Thursday shows Palestinians in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Issawiya chasing and attacking Israeli police officers outside their hours of duty.

The incident happened on Wednesday evening as plainclothes Border Police officers drove through Issawiya. According to information from Channel 12, they fired in the air for unknown reasons.

A group of Palestinians then chased them to the neighboring predominantly Jewish neighborhood of French Hill.

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Footage broadcast by Channel 13 shows assailants throwing bricks at the vehicle, smashing the windows and dragging the driver out of the car. We see them hitting him, causing him slight injuries for which he will be hospitalized.

As one of the officers fired into the air, the other had his firearm snatched away, according to reports.

“The attackers threw blocks, broke the windshield of the car and tried to tear off the doors. At some point they managed to open the door, grab the driver and start strangling him. It took us a few minutes before we got hold of the police,” Bar, a resident of the French Hill neighborhood who witnessed the incident, told Channel 12.

“One of the officers fired in the air to scare them away. We made sure our front door was locked and pulled the blinds down… It was very stressful,” she added.

Numerous police reinforcements were deployed to the area after the incident and the missing gun was eventually found.

Three residents of Issawiya were reportedly arrested shortly after the incident. One of the three suspects, a 17-year-old minor, has been released. Police have asked that the other two, aged 22 and 25, remain in custody until Sunday.

According to the Walla news site, four other Issawiya residents suspected of taking part in the attack were arrested on Thursday evening.

“It doesn’t matter whether the suspects knew they were police or not,” a police official quoted by Channel 12 said. “The fact that they did not hesitate to attack in the middle of the street is serious enough in itself. If it turns out that the arrested suspects are the ones involved, they should be severely punished. »

Tensions have risen sharply between Israel and the Palestinians in recent months, amid numerous terrorist attacks in Israel and the West Bank, which have killed 19 people.

In Jerusalem, fears of violence grew last month around a nationalist march marking the anniversary of Israel’s capture of East Jerusalem in 1967. Tensions in the city have since eased somewhat.

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Footage of off-duty policeman being assaulted by Palestinians

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