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With the objective of becoming a University Hospital Center (CHU), the Cayenne Hospital Center has commissioned Helexia, an international player in the energy transition, to carry out energy audits for all of its sites.

To meet this objective, the Hospital Center has selected Helexia, a player in the energy and carbon transition which supports public and private companies in the implementation of reasonable and reasoned energy consumption, via its Guyana office.

The Cayenne Hospital Center is changing to become a CHU in compliance with specifications, with a renovation part and a part dedicated to the creation of new buildings. Energy efficiency is one of the priorities of the future University Hospital. In order to meet this major challenge, the public body has signed a strategic partnership with Helexia to set up the most appropriate procedure.

The collaboration will begin with an energy audit which will determine the major axes of the renovation of the health centers. Helexia will ensure that the standards meet the needs and constraints incumbent on these establishments. This audit will be special because it will be carried out both on the main Center in Cayenne, but also on all the health centers attached to it. Indeed, the Cayenne Hospital Center is present throughout French Guiana thanks to its 16 delocalized prevention and care centers (CDPS).

Generally speaking in Guyana, cold is the main source of energy consumption in public buildings. The major challenge of the project will therefore concern the renovation of cold production systems, requiring compliance with both technical and regulatory constraints.

The hospital is fully air-conditioned, whether in the operating theatres, the laboratories, the pharmacy or the departments that receive users. Each unit may require renovation of the cold system, replacement of equipment or insulation work, depending on the type of buildings and sites, their use and operation.

It is therefore precise work that must be carried out during the audit, especially since it is the first structuring element of a process of compliance with the Tertiary Decree, French regulations to which the Hospital Center (CH ) from Cayenne is submitted.

helexia will propose 3 types of actions to sustainably support this energy transition: short-term actions, with almost immediate returns on investment; medium-term actions, which require a little more investment but no radical changes and which have results over the next 3 or 4 years.

And finally, long-term actions, for which the buildings will be thoroughly redesigned and which can be integrated into the modernization project of the Cayenne Hospital Center.

We called on Helexia because beyond its meticulous expertise, we wanted to retain a local player capable of supporting us throughout the value chain of our energy transition project. explains Patrice Albarel, Director of Engineering and Heritage at Cayenne hospital center.

Cold management is essential in the energy transition, and this is a challenge that Helexia intends to take up! », explains William Veloppé, Head of West Indies-Guyana Operations at Helexia.

Helexia has been supporting companies and communities for 11 years in their energy transition project. I am convinced that the Helexia teams will recommend the best sources of energy savings to enable the hospital center to accelerate its transformation. says Benjamin Simonis, Managing Director of the Helexia group.

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About the Cayenne Hospital Center

A benchmark establishment in the French Guiana region and a support establishment for the Guyana Hospital Group (Cayenne, Kourou and Saint-Laurent), the CHC offers referrals but also proximity with 16 delocalized prevention and care centers (CDPS) spread over the whole territory.

A very dynamic establishment with strong growth, and representing 60% of all stays in the territory, the CHC supports the development of its care offer, the university education of its courses and its research activities, recognized nationally and internationally.

CHC key figures:

800 lits et places dont 700 lits de court séjour et 100 lits d'EHPAD-USLD
Un maillage de l'ensemble du territoire guyanais avec 16 centres de prévention et de soins délocalisés (CDPS) (dont 8 centres médicalisés 24/24), et 8 lieux de consultations délocalisées
2300 personnels non médicaux et 410 personnels médicaux et sage-femmes (hors FFI et internes).

About Helexia

Helexia is a key player in the energy transition sector.

Created in 2010, Helexia, a subsidiary of Voltalia (ISIN Euronext Paris code: FR0011995588), specializes in the energy performance of buildings and the production of photovoltaic energy on site (on the roof and solar shade).

With more than 250 employees present in France and abroad, spread over 8 countries, Helexia has carried out more than 350 photovoltaic projects representing 100 MW installed. Helexia supports its commercial and industrial customers in more than 180 energy efficiency projects and manages 1,000 sites each year.

Helexia ensures, thanks to a large catalog of services, the definition of the strategy as well as the execution of the works, the operation, the monitoring and the maintenance of the equipment.

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French Guiana hospitals commit to energy transition – Enerzine

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