Hadar Muchtar, who says he can’t buy a home, turns out to be a landlord

Social media star Hadar Muchtar, chair of the far-right Tzehirim Boarim party, which has made protesting high house prices a key part of its agenda, was found to be the owner of a property on Sunday , although she has said many times in the past that the high cost of living prevents her from buying an apartment.

Yoav Eliasi, a far-right rapper and activist, posted the sale contract as part of a video tirade against Muchtar on her Facebook page, showing that she owns a four-room apartment in Haifa, bought for 825,000 shekels last year.

“While you were fighting for your life, his father bought him an apartment,” Eliasi told his followers and accused Muchtar, 20, of instrumentalizing the price of real estate in Israel as a “trigger” to get political support, although she herself does not face poverty.

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Eliasi said he got the compromis de vente from the seller, who was furious at Muchtar’s repeated claims that she could never afford to buy a house, despite having one.

In response to the rapper, Muchtar rushed to TV sets to explain that while the apartment was purchased in her name, it actually belonged to her parents, who registered it in her name for reasons that she didn’t want to explain.

Muchtar said the house was purchased with her parents’ retirement savings to provide them with a small annuity, and that she would only own it if they died.

“Do you find it logical that the easiest way for me to get an apartment is to inherit it from my parents?” said Muchtar in a TikTok video. “It’s their retirement. The flat is under my name, but it’s not mine, it’s my parents’, she added, urging the public to focus on cost of living issues and not on his personal life.

Some commentators have speculated that the house may have been registered in Muchtar’s name to avoid the various taxes on a second home if his parents already own one.

The Tzehirim Boarim party is below the 3.25% electoral threshold and is not expected to be represented in the Knesset in the November 1 vote. However, the party caused a stir by attacking the political establishment and protesting the cost of living for young people.

The sales agreement for an apartment in Haifa, belonging to Hadar Muchtar, president of the Tzéïrim Boarim party. (Facebook screenshot/Used pursuant to Section 27a of the Copyright Act)

The minimum age to sit in the Knesset is 21, which means that Muchtar will not be able to become an MP if her party manages to make it into the Knesset. The first candidate on the party list is Bat El Hazan, a Muchtar ally.

Tzehirim Boarim is running on an agenda to fight the rising cost of living and corruption, building on the widespread discontent of many young people who are frustrated with the current state of politics and the economy.

The party also advocates for greater public participation in the political process by holding referenda on various issues.

Muchtar thrives on TikTok delivering heated tirades against politicians and the high cost of living in Israel. She has over 77,000 followers on TikTok and some of her videos rack up hundreds of thousands of views.

Earlier in the week, Muchtar faced questions about the authenticity of his campaign during an interview on Channel 12’s “Ofira and Berkovic,” when the hosts invited Shay Shalimov, his former number two in the party, in the studio.

Shalimov claimed that a powerful tycoon was behind Muchtar’s success and he was unable to reveal the identity of the backer due to threats to his life. Muchtar accused animators Ofira Asayag and Eyal Berkovic of ambushing him and then left the studio.

Muchtar is not officially aligned with pro or anti-Netanyahu political blocs and has said she will side with whoever gives her the best deal if her party is represented.

However, Channel 13 secretly filmed her two weeks ago saying, “We will sit with Netanyahu” and “there is no way we will sit with the Joint (Arab) List and Raam.” (Raam is a member of the outgoing anti-Netanyahu coalition).

Last week, she filmed herself next to posters against her in ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods, saying in a clip that haredi leaders were scared of her growing power. After it was revealed that she printed and hung the posters herself, Muchtar called the stunt a joke.

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Hadar Muchtar, who says he can’t buy a home, turns out to be a landlord

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