Intel will release a new bitcoin mining chip that promises power-efficient blockchain hashing.

On Monday, April 4, Intel announced the launch of its new bitcoin mining chip, the Intel Blockscale ASICswhich will be available to consumers only from the third quarter of 2022. It also unveiled the characteristics of its next-generation chips.

The launch of ASICs more green and more durable

Details of its new bitcoin mining chip, theIntel Blockscale ASICs, at was revealed in the announcement. The new chip is designed to improve the energy efficiency of proof-of-work mining (PoW) over the company’s decades of research and development in the related field. Thus, the production of this new chip will not compromise the production of its CPUs and GPUs.

In effect, Blockscale ASICs is a chip, not a mining machine. The chipmaker will only provide customers with the ships ASICs themselves, rather than fully-fledged mining systems as the industry currently does. Each company will therefore use it to develop its own miners.

” The ASICs Intel Blockscale will begin to be delivered to customers in the third quarter of 2022. Argo Blockchain, Block Inc., winter Blockchain Technology and GRIID Infrastructure will be among the first to develop new systems based on the ASICs Intel. “, According to the press release.

make these ASICs greener and more sustainable is an important part of the Intel company. The company summarizes its promise as follows : “Energy-efficient hashing for proof-of-work consensus networks”. In Intel’s press release, Jose RiosManaging Director of Blockchain and Business Solutions for the Group Intel’s Accelerated Computing Systems and graphicssaid :

” The ASICs Intel Blockscale will play an important role in helping Bitcoin mining companies achieve their goals of sustainability and hash rate scaling in the years to come.

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Comparison Blockscale of Intel and theAntminer S19 Pro of bitmain

According to the press release, Blockscale will have a hash rate of up to 0.58 terahash per second TH/senergy consumption between 4.8 and 22.7 watts and energy efficiency of up to 26 joules/terahash (J/TH). The chip can combine and fuse into a single mining unit, increasing its output, up to 256 ICs per chain.

In comparison, theAntminer S19 Pro of bitmain is one of the leading Bitcoin miners in the market, with a hash rate of 110 TH/sa power consumption of 3250 watts and an energy efficiency of 30 days/th.

Theoretically, a mining unit consisting of 256 chips Blockscale has a total hash rate of 148.5 TH/s and consumes between 1,228 and 5,811 watts of power with roughly the same power efficiency.

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Intel will release a new bitcoin mining chip that promises power-efficient blockchain hashing.

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