Long live the pass of arms between Rachida Dati and Clémentine Autain: “I need no one” – Gala

This Sunday, April 24, Rachida Dati and Clémentine Autain were among the political figures invited to the TF1 antenna to comment on the results of the second round of the presidential election and discuss the future. On set, the deputy France Insoumise took to task the former Keeper of the Seals, who immediately reacted.

The tension was palpable. This Sunday, April 24, Anne-Claire Coudray and Gilles Bouleau were at the controls of the election evening on the first channel. In front of them, many political personalities followed one another on set, to react to Emmanuel Macron’s victory, but also discuss the future of the main political parties. “We are a governing party. The right is a party of government, it is not a party of opposition or confrontation (…) I appeal to the responsibility of the French. Today, there is a possibility of finally having a vote of membership, not by default. What is announced today is to launch these legislative“, highlighted Rachida Dati facing Gabriel Attal. A few moments later, the latter was taken to task by Clémentine Autain : “It is impressive what we have just witnessed between Gabriel Attal and Rachida Dati. Because in reality, the political landscape in this presidential election has been profoundly reconfigured“, observed the deputy.

There are three blocs: the majority bloc, which we no longer want, the extreme right which has just been defeated this evening, and a third bloc has emerged, that of the popular union“, she detailed, before being interrupted by Rachida Dati: “Thank you for us huh. We exist at the Assembly! There are still more than 100 deputies!”, she insisted on recalling. “Mrs. Dati, this is precisely your exchange (with Gabriel Attal, editor’s note) which comforts me. You have almost made a service offer“, she pointed out to him. A remark that deeply annoyed his interlocutor: “No listen, Mrs. Autain, no but it’s ok! I don’t need you, I need nobody!, exclaimed the former Keeper of the Seals. And to add:I’m going to tell you, the service offer I make is for the French (…) You don’t have to translate or interpret my words“, she exclaimed in front of Clémentine Autain, before being reframed by Anne-Claire Coudray, in charge of arbitrating the exchanges on the set.

Anne-Claire Coudray cropped by Rachida Dati

Clémentine Autain is not the only one to have known a pass of arms with Rachida Dati. The former Minister of Justice also raised his voice in front of journalist Anne-Claire Coudray. “There is the victory of Emmanuel Macron with three pitfalls all the same (…) There is an extremely high abstention rate, a useful vote and today a National Rally at 42%, so that raises questions”, commented on the elected official of the 7th arrondissement of Paris. Before raising your concerns: It’s a new campaign for us that is coming up“, she announced, hoping there was “solid parliamentarians to be able to carry this policy”. A statement that inspired a question to Gilles Bouleau’s colleague: “Gabriel Attal, do you see an outstretched hand?” And Rachida Dati to intervene: “No but wait, I did not ask you to decode my remarks. It is not a translation. I can tell him directly”, she annoyed live. You don’t have to look for it…

Photo credits: France 2 screenshot

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Long live the pass of arms between Rachida Dati and Clémentine Autain: “I need no one” – Gala

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