Mantisco Partners with Immutable X Partners in Web3 Games Initiative

  • New ‘Hunter’s Arena’ game will be built as a Web3.0 game with Immutable X

SEOUL, South Korea, the Oct 20, 2022 /CNW/ — Seoul, Korea-based Web3 game designer and publisher Mantisco today announced a partnership with Immutable X, a leading NFT coinage and exchange platform and game tier 2 rapid scale, the world’s first, on Ethereum to build the Web3 game called “Hunter’s Arena: Rebirth”.

With the rapid growth of Web3 games, Mantisco developed the Web3 version of the Hunter’s Arena game in-house. Mantisco aims to provide a gaming ecosystem that not only enables users to enjoy gaming experiences through true ownership of digital assets, including game characters, skins, weapons, skills, and other elements, but helps users have a fun experience by modernizing combat systems, enhancing the user experience while maintaining the fast and immersive pace of the game. Mantisco has focused on “delivering games that set enduring standards for blockchain gaming and bring together players from all walks of life, allowing users to actively participate and make big wins.”

Mantisco envisions “delighting its community through stylish action-packed combat, challenging gameplay scenarios, and various opportunities for users to improve their skills and compete against each other while taking advantage of a true ownership of in-game assets.”

David Yoon, CEO of Mantisco, said, “In line with Immutable’s expertise in accelerating mass adoption of Web3 games, we are now driving the development of new games, including ‘Hunter’s Arena: Rebirth” and other AAA-rated games built with Unreal 5. We emphasize motivation, fun, and secure player transaction in our games. Our partnership with Immutable X will be key to realizing our vision for the game.”

Mantisco designed and released a AAA-rated game titled “Hunter’s Arena: Legend” on Steam, PS4, and PS last year. “Hunter Arena: Legend” was the first Korean game launched on PS4 and PS5 and it has achieved 12 million downloads worldwide.

Immutable powers the progression of the next generation of Web3 games through ImmutableX, a leading NFT exchange and coinage platform and the world’s first Tier 2 rapid scaling solution on Ethereum. Powered by Starkware’s ZK-Rollup technology, ImmutableX has become the leading platform to monetize, trade and scale Web3 games and NFT projects on Ethereum, providing designers and innovators with a carbon-free, gas charges or limits on speed, scalability, security, and liquidity.

“Hunter Arena: Rebirth” is set to launch in 2023.

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Mantisco Partners with Immutable X Partners in Web3 Games Initiative

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Mantisco Partners with Immutable X Partners in Web3 Games Initiative

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