McDonald’s replaced by a brand new brand in Russia!

Russia had warned, it is taking action: after the withdrawal of McDonald’s, it is replacing the chain with an astonishing competitor.

The Russian invasion in Ukraine will therefore have got the better of McDonald’s! Arrived during the Cold War, the fast food outlets have all closed… But Russia had planned the coup and has already replaced the burger firm. MCETV explains everything!

A war that lasted too long

Because from the beginning of the war, the companies take sanctions against Russia. McDo decides to close all its restaurants. But his choice obliges him to continue to pay his Russian employees until the end of the invasion of the country in Ukraine.

Except that the war lasts. It even seems set to last a while longer according to the experts… McDonald’s therefore had to take a more radical decision: close all the restaurants that the firm has managed to open over the years.

The fast food firm had nevertheless managed to open more than 850 stores in the former communist stronghold. Above all, it had more than 60,000 employees.… But Russia had foreseen the blow, and announced its counterattack a few hours later.

On social networks bloom photos of restaurants that still look a lot like McDonald’s. But which are not called the same. Even the mascot looks like Ronald… But it’s not called the same.

This June 12, the Russians will be able to throw themselves on new burgers. Those from “Vkusno i tochka”, a firm in red and yellow colors…and which means so “delicious, period”. Fans shouldn’t be too disappointed.

McDonald’s: 9% of turnover lost

For the grand opening of its new fast food outlets, Russia has also planned to hit hard. Or rather to do in the symbol. Because the first burger restaurant that will (perhaps?) forget the American firm takes a special place.

He will indeed be in Moscow, in one of Russia’s best-known former McDonald’s : on Pushkin Square. A way for Putin’s country to do very well without international firms. Even if its inhabitants did not seem to agree.

Indeed, at the time when McDo closes all its signs, the Russians throw themselves in the restaurants. A way to get one last burger before a shutdown that the Russians already thought was long at the time. A closure that will prove to be permanent.

Some burgers taken out of McDonald’s for the last day open even ended up auctioned on the web. This is to say the challenge that awaits “delicious, period” for make people forget the firm that came from the USA in 1990 as a symbol of detente in war.

McDo, with Coca, is indeed one of the firms the best known and symbolic of the power of the United States from America. Accepting these marks thus amounted to accepting a return to calm between the two former eastern and western blocks.

This relaxation still seems far away, on June 12. Because the symbolic McDonald’s on Pushkin Square sees a Russian sign to replace it. A kind of copy that shows that Russia will try to stay on the sidelines with its own brands. And his own burgers.

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McDonald’s replaced by a brand new brand in Russia!

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