NÎMES Ten months in prison for a Saint-Gillois who welcomed the death of three gendarmes on Facebook – Objectif Gard

NIMES Ten months in prison for a Saint Gillois who welcomed
Nîmes courthouse 8-9-2020 (photo Norman Jardin) (2)

A 26-year-old resident of Saint-Gilles was sentenced to 10 months’ imprisonment, six of which were suspended, by the Nîmes judicial court on Tuesday, June 7, for having published a message on Facebook welcoming the death of Arno Mavel, Cyrille Morel and Rémi Dupuis, three gendarmes killed by a maniac, when they came to rescue a woman victim of violence, in Puy de Dôme, at the end of December 2020.

While the three soldiers had been shot during this intervention, the young man reacted on Facebook by writing: “ Here are three good cops, because a good cop and (sic) a dead cop. Neither oblivion nor forgiveness for the victims of the victims killed by the forces of order. » But at the hearing, Lucien would almost pretend to be a defender of the police. “In no way did I incite people to harm the police. I just wanted to show that there were two justices. We often talk about people in uniform killed, but very little about victims of police violenceexplains the young worker in the construction, black polo shirt, and entwined chain tattoo on the left forearm. And then, we talk about the gendarmes when they are killed. They are cheered or awarded medals. But never when they do an exemplary job… The judge looks at him surprised. ” It is not true, they were often congratulated during the last terrorist episodes that we have known “, points out the president, Jean-Pierre Bandiera.

Yellow vests and fireworks

Lucien has already been sentenced by the Montpellier court in June 2019 for having participated in a demonstration of yellow vests, carrying fireworks. ” I didn’t use them and I took them for the festive side, like on July 14th… “, justifies the defendant, with a limited air. Then, on November 17, 2021, he appeared again for provocation to rebellion and contempt, during another demonstration. ” I was sitting on the steps of the Montpellier Opera. A guy next to me fired firecrackers. When he was challenged I got up because a woman had been pushed, and from there they attacked me. All this, we see it on the cameras “, he persists.

World conspiracy

Suspected of frequenting the “black blocks”, the young rebel denies any acquaintance with the ultra-left small group or the anarchist movement. But in front of the psychologist, he evokes a global conspiracy theory against populations. The prosecutor requires eight months of imprisonment against the young Saint-Gillois. ” Facebook has become a means of communication allowing everyone to invective, insult or glorify crimes, with a feeling of impunity and omnipotence. He hates the forces of order and justice, but no longer assumes anything in front of you today, Pointe Romain Domingues. But freedom of expression has limits. These are abject, cowardly and inadmissible remarks, because beyond the attack on the honor of these three men, it undermines the Institution and the Republic itself. »

Three Hundred Facebook Friends

Where did he invite anyone to do anything towards the police? These are words thrown on the Internet, without real meaning, to create a little buzz, takes offense at Lucien’s lawyer, Aude Widuch. But he only has 300 friends on Facebook and his message will be seen by only six people! We can’t say that he mobilizes the crowds, he doesn’t interest anyone! There remain the words of an angry kid, picked up by the media headlines. Uninteresting and inaudible remarks which triggered a surreal judicial machine, worthy of an investigation for terrorism! Realize: we watched his car, traced the telephone lines of him, his mother and his sister. He spent 4 months in pre-trial detention. All this for a moron who wants to vent his frustration! We thought he was part of or financed the extreme Left, but he is nothing, just a poor unemployed guy who has already been largely punished. »

Pierre Havez

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NÎMES Ten months in prison for a Saint-Gillois who welcomed the death of three gendarmes on Facebook – Objectif Gard

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