p-Chip Corporation launches first-of-its-kind p-Chip code tracking tool to revolutionize QR code security

CHICAGO, September 16, 2022 /CNW/ – p-Chip Corporation, a company revolutionizing the tracking of physical products and materials with its advanced microtransponder technology, today launched its newest innovation, the p-Chip Code secure tracking tag. ™. The p-Chip Code Tracking Tool combines a silicon-based p-Chip® microtransponder and a standard 2D matrix code to create hypersecure QR codes, barcodes, and other matrix codes.

“The pandemic has driven the widespread use of the QR code and put it at the center of mainstream consumption,” said Joe Wagner, CEO of p-Chip Corporation. However, for many businesses, including food brands, pharmaceutical companies, automakers and others, QR codes pose a host of security risks, since they are incredibly easy to create and maintain. reproduce. The new p-Chip chip code technology provides an additional level of security for QR codes or other matrix codes, which is a breakthrough in reliable traceability at an affordable price. »

The p-Chip chip code tracker works like a tiny digital anchor for physical items. The p-Chip microtransponder is nearly invisible and embedded directly into a 2D matrix code tag that can then be affixed to virtually anything, including food and agricultural products, drug containers, automotive parts and more Again.

Any standard 2D matrix code, such as a QR code, can then be validated using the integrated p-Chip microtransponder. Businesses can then manage the tracking data with web, cloud or blockchain applications. This provides increased security and the ability to associate additional internal data with the physical product.

Companies can digitally trace ingredients, components and materials to improve product safety, safety compliance and quality control. Additionally, in some cases, consumers will be able to scan a QR code to determine if they are part of a product recall. Companies can then validate these requests using the enhanced security p-Chip code microtransponder.

The p-Chip code tracking tag enables serialization of physical materials, counterfeit-resistant security offered at a scalable price, better visibility through secure granular data across the supply chain, and minimization of vulnerabilities and the risks associated with QR codes without these protections.

About p-Chip Corporation

Since 2017, p-Chip Corporation has revolutionized the tracking of physical products and materials with its revolutionary microtransponder technology. Its p-Chip tracking tool, a highly durable technology no bigger than a grain of salt, functions as a digital anchor for physical items, providing breakthrough visibility and indexing capability at a scalable price. From pharmaceuticals and electronics to automotive components and agricultural ingredients, companies around the world rely on patented chip-tracking technology to gain business intelligence, build brand loyalty and grow revenue. To learn more, visit www.p-chip.com.

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p Chip Corporation launches first of its kind p Chip code tracking tool to revolutionize

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p-Chip Corporation launches first-of-its-kind p-Chip code tracking tool to revolutionize QR code security

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