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Women account for less than a quarter of promotions and hires to senior positions in the financial sector, according to a study by law firm Fox and Partners. The firm lists 1,360 women out of 5,800 promotions and hires to senior positions in London’s financial services in 2021; a slight increase from 21% in 2022.

The firm also notes a huge wage disparity among directors of financial companies in the FTSE 350. Men earned an average of $1.06 million CAD per year, compared to $363,000 for women.

In France, financial services have nearly 45% women, according to franceinfo.


The labor shortage is holding back ambitions

Ireland is aiming to become one of the top twenty financial centers in the world by 2025, but labor shortages could prevent it from achieving its goal, according to a study by Financial Services Ireland ( ISP).

The report identifies sustainable finance and fintech as the two biggest opportunities for growth. But to take advantage of this, the industry needs to find more talent in specialties like data analytics, artificial intelligence and blockchain, and raise its skills in sustainable finance to meet the growing demand for these services. .

FSI regrets the lack of candidates who possess the technical skills that organizations are looking for. Currently, financial services employ over 52,000 people in Ireland and account for CAD$25.2 billion of GDP each year.


The financial center continues to grow

Financial services attracted the most foreign investment in Dubai in 2021. According to a report published by the Dubai Investment Development Agency (Dubai FDI), the city would have garnered 58 foreign-financed projects, for an amount total of 926.2 million Bahraini dinars (CAD $3.2 billion). This places it ahead of major financial centers such as London, Singapore, New York and Paris. The report uses figures from the fDi Markets database of the FinancialTimes. Most of the funding for these projects came from the UK, USA, Switzerland, India and Cyprus.

The Dubai International Financial Center was founded in 2004 and quickly became the most important financial center in the Middle East and Africa. It now ranks 19th in the world and generates more than 12% of the emirate’s GDP. There are 3,650 active financial companies there, of which nearly 1,000 have set up there in 2021.


Mutual funds resumed buying international stocks

The Financial Markets Authority of India (SEBI) this summer ended a ban on mutual fund managers buying international funds or stocks, according to Times of India.

In January 2022, SEBI had asked mutual fund manufacturers to stop acquiring shares or units of international equity funds because they exceeded the allowable limit. In India, the industry as a whole cannot invest more than CAD $9.07 billion in international securities. However, falling stock prices in recent months have pushed down the value of international stocks and brought the cumulative total of international investments by Indian firms below the ceiling. SEBI also imposes a separate limit of CAD$1.28 billion for investments in international equity ETFs.

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Less than 25% of promotions and appointments to senior positions in the UK financial sector are won by women.

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