Presidential: New parliamentary session for form today

At 11 a.m. today, Parliament is due to meet for a fourth electoral session to elect a head of state. A pompous title for a process emptied of its meaning by the good care of those who, among the deputies, only know the democratic exercise by name. By means of a blockage, through a continuous lack of quorum, this group of parliamentarians strives to prevent the election of a new president in order to lead the opposing blocs towards a compromise which would lead to the choice of a candidate with their support. In other words, who would be willing to bend to their will. “A masquerade” launched the Maronite patriarch, Mgr Béchara Raï, on Sunday. A masquerade because of which Ici Beyrouth has decided to suspend its live broadcast to accompany these sessions.

Today’s will be an identical copy of the previous ones, with perhaps slight changes if we are to believe MP Achraf Rifi. The latter said he expected, in a statement to the local channel, LBCI, “a slight and strategic change which will allow the opposition candidate, Michel Moawad, to have more than 44 votes”. “We want to tell the opposing camp that it will not be able to extend the mandate of Michel Aoun (whose election as head of state in 2016 was the result of a compromise) or impose a candidate identical to the latter. We must get out of this hell,” he said, insisting: “We will not allow a perpetuation of the mandate of hell. Until now, Michel Moawad remains the strongest candidate”. According to Achraf Rifi, he can muster the 65 votes needed for his election in the second round.

This is precisely where the shoe pinches. The March 8 camp, for whom blocking has become synonymous with the exercise of democracy, in defiance of constitutional rules, prevents access to the second round, which is nevertheless required by the Fundamental Law once a determined candidate has not was able to obtain a two-thirds majority in the first round. And this through a lack of quorum, denounced on Sunday by Patriarch Raï and by Metropolitan Elias Audi. This camp, which still refuses to name its potential presidential candidate(s), for fear of a democratic process that would compromise its hegemonic plans, proves once again that the Constitution and democracy are for it , simple points of view, tools at the service of its interests. As for the deputies from the Challenge, they continue to remain in a gray area, sometimes voting for slogans, sometimes for candidates who cannot obtain more than a dozen votes. A behavior that only reinforces the March 8 camp in its insistence on a compromise around the presidential election. Needless to say, the notion of compromise does not exist in the Constitution.

For all these reasons, Parliament will not succeed today, barring a miracle, in electing a new president as the countdown to the end of Aoun’s mandate has begun.

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Presidential: New parliamentary session for form today

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