QUALIOPI: What is the follow-up audit?

Whatever your role in the OPAC, the provider organization contributing to the development of skills (new name for training organizations), mastering your professional practice requires continuous mastery. Without a computerized process, this mastery does not really exist. Today, quality, when it is integrated into Qualiopi certification, cannot ignore these tools: LMS platforms, management software, evaluation questionnaires.

For example, IT tricks like Google Forms or Excel file meet the requirements of the first audit, but are often too cumbersome for the organization in the long run.

“All-in-one” solutions that manage transactions, invoicing, administration, digital learning, etc. are not ideal either, here the “gas factory” syndrome is never far away.

Acquiring Qualiopi certification therefore means above all pursuing a long-term quality approach.

To do this, strategic functional blocks must be clearly identified.

On the one hand, the structuring and computerized materialization of educational pathways, whether face-to-face, 100% remote or blended, are fundamental for educational quality. Many LMS on the market could be the answer, but a more open approach like the one offered by ParcOOroo seems like a solid, more modern and free option.

Furthermore, the pedagogical design approach, in the sense of Qualiopi, consists in personalizing the training as much as possible by including a positioning phase before the course. This is where LMSs and LXPs often reach their limits as they are designed to handle large volumes of learners rather than individual journeys.

OPAC, on the other hand, places great importance on the achievement of educational objectives, especially the validation of skills. This ushers in the era of learner certification, or more specifically micro-certification. Finally, the third block is administrative management. The centralization of on-the-spot and off-the-shelf assessments, signatures and all the supporting documents required by funding bodies constitutes a third pillar fully covered by IT solutions such as Procertif.

All employees involved in the training chain benefit from computerized processes via simple tools that are very easy to use.

On the learner’s side, the user experience is, of course, the main measure: easy access to training and administrative documents, progress monitoring, connection on all devices, skills enhancement, etc.

These are all conditions to which a well-structured quality approach must provide intuitive and ergonomic responses.

In conclusion, all holders of a Qualiopi certification have crossed the starting line of their quality approach but their objective has not yet been achieved. Our consulting activities in training quality engineering therefore consist in initiating a virtuous circle that benefits all players in the system. IT solutions are not exclusive but structure this approach.

In short, don’t wait to take stock of the effectiveness of your tools and your Quality Management System and prepare for your follow-up audit!


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QUALIOPI: What is the follow-up audit?

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