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Tezos Israel announced that Sayfer will begin providing Tezos smart contract auditing services to expand the ecosystem partners available to provide Tezos technical services. They will deploy their decades of experience in high tech, cybersecurity and Web3 to power Tezos smart contracts.

With the increase in Web3 hacks, Sayfer team members are experts in targeted audits and penetration testing for the Web3 market to prevent security vulnerabilities in Web3 and blockchain projects. Its unique methodologies meet strict international standards, including the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) and the Smart Contract Security Verification Standard (SCSVS).


“Tezos has taken blockchain innovation to the next level! Creating a faster and more secure blockchain is not an easy task, but it will also create new organizational structures and decentralized communities is the future of the Web3 sphere” , said Nir Duan, CEO of Sayfer.

Tezos is a layer 1 blockchain protocol with on-chain governance, automatic updating, secure smart contract development, low transaction fees and an eco-friendly validation system known as Liquid Proof -of-Stake. Tezos has undergone 10 continuous network upgrades over the past four years, allowing each bakery (validator) to vote on protocols.

“Israel’s tech sector is a powerhouse for cybersecurity, with around a third of the world’s cybersecurity unicorns in 2021 coming from Israel. Tezos Israel is proud to support Sayfer, a strong Israeli cybersecurity company for Tezos, to promote the security and strength of the Tezos blockchain,” Elie Terdjman, Founder of Tezos Israel.

Sayfer chose to integrate Tezos to further engage with the ecosystem and develop on-chain security capabilities. Tezos is an industry leader, energy efficient and constantly innovating. As one of the first blockchains to adopt the proof-of-stake consensus method, Tezos has become an increasingly popular alternative to several major POW-based options. Tezos has cultivated an ecosystem of thriving NFT marketplaces, dApps, tools, and games that offer a wide range of digital assets at very attractive and affordable rates. All of these dApps can benefit from the auditing and research that Sayfer hopes to do.

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Sayfer, a leading cybersecurity company, joins Tezos | PortalCrypto

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