screeds – Speed ​​limits enacted

July and August were conducive to the implementation of the work planned for 2022.

Roads and safety. The roads have been refurbished on the communal part of “La Suchelle” and “l’Ouchon”, as planned, and following the work undertaken to bury the power lines. The site was carried out by the road union in July at a cost of €14,378 which was included in the 2022 budget.

The speed limit of 50 km/h on the RD 543 crossing the hamlets of “Chaumes” and “La Chaîne”, requested by the mayor, was granted by the departmental council, as was the securing of intersections. The road service set the limitations this summer, the panels being the responsibility of the municipality for 1,150 €.

Works in buildings. During the school holidays, the interior renovation of the school cloakroom was carried out by the ADEM integration project. It included the repair of the walls and door frames, the installation of a glass cloth and the painting, for an amount excluding supplies of €807.

Energy savings are expected following the installation of LED lighting in the hall of the town hall and the classroom. As well as with the installation of compliant security blocks. This work was carried out by La Lourousienne d’Électricité for an amount of €2,223.

For the next works of the church, the approved architect transmitted at the end of July the elements retained by the economist. This will make it possible to open up the consultation of companies in the context of public procurement.

Reorganization of the library. The municipal library has undergone a complete reorganization. The documentary fund has been reviewed and new recent books and well-known authors are available to readers. It will continue to operate with the collaboration of the departmental media library for the deposit of works.

Public Reading

The municipality will engage in a survey of residents to find out their tastes and areas of interest for a project to develop public reading. To this end, the municipal documentary fund will be partly made available to the inhabitants in the premises of the postal agency open in the mornings from Tuesday to Saturday.

The library located near the town hall will be open on Wednesday afternoons (inquire at the town hall). In the same vein, the elected officials noted that the book box located in the parking lot of the town hall was regularly visited, either for borrowing or for the removal of books. The children’s departments will be reorganized to allow everyone to be able to find reading of their choice.

Territory project. Fully in line with the Territorial Diagnosis system set up by the community of communes of Commentry-Montmarault-Néris-les-Bains, the mayor, Élisabeth Blanchet, accompanied by several elected officials, received the consultancy firm at the beginning of July to a tour of the town and its surroundings. The recommendations unveiled at the next inter-municipal meeting at the end of September will be studied by the municipal council for feasibility over the duration of the mandate.

Practice. To maintain its reputation for conviviality, “the mayor’s aperitif” which allows the meeting with the inhabitants, has been postponed to September, before the heritage days.

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screeds – Speed ​​limits enacted

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