Screen customization: when Samsung steals Apple’s ideas

The Chaebol is always the first to make fun of the Apple brand, but it is also often the first to be inspired by it… The proof still today: the next version of OneUI should offer a customization of the lock screen for Samsung Galaxy, very similar to that of Apple iPhone under the new iOS 16 update.

Again, Samsung spoke too soon. It often happens that the Korean brand takes pleasure in ironizing about the new products of its great rival, Apple, before copying it purely and simply, as if nothing had happened. It happened with the removal of the jack port on the iPhone 7, which the Chaebol cheerfully mocked before finally abandoning it in turn on the Galaxy Note 10. Rebelote with the removal of the power supplies in the box of the iPhone 12, which soon after also disappeared from the packaging of the Galaxy S21.

And this year again, the South Korean manufacturer has not missed a new opportunity to attack the American giant, pointing out the lack of innovation on its new range of iPhone 14. On the one hand because the Apple brand still does not offer a foldable screen, the revolution launched by its Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip, and on the other hand because the arrival of a 48 Mpx sensor on the iPhone 14 Pro remains well in -below the 108 Mpx that we now find on several high-end Android models…

However, if it is indeed difficult to discuss these arguments, there is another subject on which Samsung is less choosy, quite the contrary: the new features of the iOS 16 update, which Apple deployed at the same time than the launch of its new iPhone 14s last month. And among these, the ability to customize the lock screen seems to have particularly appealed to the Korean manufacturer, to the point that it would have been greatly inspired by it for its own interface… In a video spotted in particular by 9TB5Mac, the so-called Vaibhav Jain, founder of the YouTube channel TechDroider, has indeed pointed out a real resemblance in the new beta version of OneUI 5.0. The proof in pictures :

Change the appearance of the clock as on iOS 16, less the depth effect

As we can see in this hands-on video, comparing what’s new in this OneUI 5.0 beta on a Galaxy S22 Ultra to iOS 16 on an iPhone 14 Pro Max, Samsung has pretty much copied the customization options from the lock screen offered by Apple. We can see that it is possible to modify the appearance of the time, with five different formats compared to eight for the Apple brand, and as many colors. When the YouTuber uses the same wallpaper on both devices, the resemblance – not to say imitation – is obvious. Especially since, as on iOS 16, the manipulation to be able to customize the lock screen is the same: just a long press on it. Just as, like Apple, Samsung wants to offer with the OneUI 5.0 interface a new collection of wallpapers presented in a very similar way to iOS 16, with categories to distinguish for example the backgrounds plans united with the most colorful.

Only difference: the Chaebol did not apply the nice depth effect offered by the new version of the Apple operating system. A magic trick performed by the AI, which makes the clock pass behind a subject in the foreground of a photo. As we can see from Vaibhav Jain’s demo, Samsung’s new beta didn’t come to such a successful result…

Nevertheless, the Korean brand has still added some personal touches to this customization feature. On its beta 3 of OneUI 5.0, it is indeed possible to play on the transparency of notifications, to make them more or less discreet on the lock screen. And this mode of customization offers a tool that can prove to be very useful, it must be said, shortcuts that appear at the bottom of the screen, with the possibility of course to choose which applications they refer to.

We just have to wait for the final version of this next OneUI 5.0 update to be able to see for ourselves what it looks like on a Samsung Galaxy. As a reminder, this is the Korean manufacturer’s own overlay based on Android 13. As pointed out 01 Clearit should arrive by the end of the year on its high-end models, starting with the Galaxy S21, Galaxy S22, Galaxy Z Fold4 and Galaxy Z Flip4, before obviously being integrated on the new Galaxy S23 , expected early next year.

Sources: 9TB5Mac, 01 Net

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Screen customization: when Samsung steals Apple’s ideas

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