Sima Innovation Awards 2022 nominees: 35 products in competition

The winners will be known on November 6 at the opening of Sima.

Innovation is revealed as Sima 2022 approaches. The French show has selected 35 products for the Sima Awards. They fall into five categories.

The Sima jury has selected 35 nominees who enter the competition for the Sima Innovation Awards 2022. They fall into five categories.

Nominated for the Sima Innovation Awards 2022 – Soils and crops category

  • FlexxiFinger, Multi Crop Valve™, valve for multiple crops with an air seeder.
seeder FlexxiFinger


  • Hydrokit 4PTH, 4th point hitch on tractor, for simple and precise row monitoring.
  • Lemken, automatic slope correction for hoeing in hilly conditions without downward drift.
Lemken concealer


  • Monosem ValoTerra Ultimate, new sowing unit with brush conveyor for sowing up to 18 km/h.
  • Praysbee Wulp, drift-reducing vineyard spraying equipment.
  • Väderstad Proceed, single seed drill that can place the smallest of wheat seeds at the perfect depth with millimeter precision.

Category from harvest to storage

  • Fendt Rotana Rapid Reload System and Massey Ferguson MF RB F Protec Rapid Reload System, rapid reload system for net roll balers.
fednt reload


  • Claas, Profi Contour 300 / 380 Variable pick-up, forage harvester pick-up with separate tine and auger drive.
  • Claas Smart Density on Variant 500, intelligent baling management system on variable chamber round balers.
  • Kemper and John Deere, R-series pick-up with box drive, therefore without chain, with a design optimized for forage harvesters.
  • Klim’Top Controls Klimanager, self-consumption management software for chillers.
  • Krone: additive incorporation system on cubic balers, taking into account the humidity and the weight of the bales.
  • New Holland Grain Cam, grain loss analysis application by photography, for combine harvesters.
  • Olimac Drago Gold, sunflower picker with hydraulic mulcher working close to the ground.

Nominated for the Sima Innovation Awards 2022 – Robotics and embedded electronics category

  • Amazone MySprayer, sprayer control application for smartphone, including preparation and application aids.
  • GPS-ScenarioControl from Amazon, terminal software for automatically linking manipulations on the Amatron 4.
amazone gps scenario control


  • Amazone UX SmartSprayer, sprayer with embedded sensors for “green on green” weed detection.
  • Ecorobotix ARA, the most precise plant-by-plant sprayer on the market, driven by artificial intelligence.
  • John Deere, localized weeding with See & Spray™ Universal by real-time weed detection, and guidance of the mechanical weeding tool in the rows.
John Deere See&Spray

John Deere.

  • Krone and Lemken Combined Powers, autonomous agricultural vehicle working in perfect synergy with its tool.
  • Rolland RollControl Access-target, spreading cycle automation system with mass flow control.
  • Trelleborg ATMS, adaptive tire management system, regulating pressure according to data transmitted by sensors.

Livestock, renewable energies, biomass and biomaterials category

  • Bioret Agri Delta-X – Ferti’Soluce, manufacture of fertilizers on the farm, with separation of dairy cow effluents, transforms urine into a biostimulant and solids into biocompost.
Bioret Agri ferti walkthrough

Bioret Agri.

  • Copeeks Peek’Ture, intelligent monitoring of routes and pastures, by sensors and image analysis.
  • Emily Vortex, turbine straw blower with autonomous management, greatly reducing the risk of jamming.
  • New Holland, “A circular economy for a negative carbon footprint”, concept of capturing methane from pits for use as fuel.
  • Samson / Pichon Alta, assistance with spreading in hilly areas, by managing the emptying of the different compartments of the tank.
Samson Pichon Alta

Samson Pichon.

  • Samson / Pichon Opti-Sensor, NIR sensor on solid spreader, performing real-time fertilizing value analysis.
  • Samson / Pichon GSC, management of section cuts by section on slurry tanker, also working on other brands.

Sima Innovation Awards 2022 – Services and software category

  • Agrosolutions Carbon Extract, a tool that easily measures and engages the low-carbon transition of farms.
  • Beeguard Beelive, new generation of sensor, embedding video analysis by artificial intelligence to count bees.
  • Claas Cemos Dialog, an interactive combine harvester performance optimization system.
Claas Cemos Dialog


  • Easyconnect, closed transfer system (STF) for plant protection products in liquid formulation.
  • ITK Presto, the first automated weekly forecast service for fruit and vegetable production blocks.
  • MyEasyFarm MyEasyCarbon, makes it possible to democratize more sustainable agricultural projects by supporting farmers and project leaders from the beginning to the end of a Low Carbon project.

Finally, stay tuned, the winners will be unveiled on November 6 at the opening of the Sima. Entraid’ will detail the characteristics of the rewarded innovations.

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Sima Innovation Awards 2022 nominees: 35 products in competition

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