“Tamper-proof”. David Lacombled’s column

Liverpool Football Club had demanded paper tickets. Their supporters were given scythes and their eyes to cry. The French authorities see red and make it the main reason, if not the only one, of the incidents which spoiled the evening of the Champions League final. It must be understood that if these tickets had only been in a simple electronic format, the fraud could not have been prevented. Unless you can guarantee the uniqueness, validity and ownership of the sesame. What technology allows. Digital tools have, moreover, certainly contributed to the industrialization of this counterfeiter’s work in the composition, distribution and mass reproduction of counterfeit banknotes.

In the future, the Ministers of the Interior and Sports are calling for tickets to be dematerialized. If digitization is called upon only to reduce the ills, it will lend itself to rejection by being akin to a system of reinforced supervision and surveillance. On the contrary, it must be implemented to prevent, anticipate, support, streamline. So many security guarantees that were lacking on Saturday evening.

QR code. In this respect, the TousAntiCovid application should serve as an example. The promise of its predecessor StopCovid was a magic wand. Without explanation on its purpose, it will have been little taken in hand at its beginnings. The next version, TousAntiCovid, will never have really succeeded in getting rid of the supposed surveillance, of tracing, not to say policing, which was brought to it. While there are few such neutral applications. It took the test, recovery and vaccination certificates to be on board for its use to become widespread. However, at the beginning, there was nothing simpler to duplicate the QR code. The screenshots made impossible then and the identification of the carriers thwarted the plans of the free riders.

To be effective and adopted, access tickets to a sporting event or a concert must be tamper-proof. The blockchain (chain of blocks) offers the best guarantees. Many companies have developed solutions to make them unalterable. If I buy a ticket, it goes without saying that I want to be sure that I am the sole owner. I must also be able to sell it not to make a capital gain on resale but to offer it or sell it in the event of force majeure. This is the very principle of money and cryptocurrencies which are thus exchanged on a peer-to-peer basis.

Professional sports organizations have everything to gain by seizing these technologies, opening the way to greater transparency and reliability, and thus fighting against mafia organizations at work. The technologies certainly appear to bring additional income, as is the case with the start-up Sorare which, by issuing non-fungible tokens (NFT), also stored and authenticated in a blockchain, has reinvented collections and exchange in particular virtual cards, such as 21st century Panini vignettes, but they must also contribute to the integrity of the show in order to experience it fully. We have already forgotten the name of the scorer in the Madrid-Liverpool final, not the images of this sad evening.

Trust mark. Beyond that, the public authorities must invest fully in the use of these disruptive technologies by training their personnel in them to improve the quality of the service demanded by their citizens. For this, the State is also expected as a label of trust, the guarantor that these data will not be used for anything other than what they were entrusted with. This is a major challenge because when the public shadow hovers, the use of data becomes suspect for individuals who otherwise have no qualms about sowing small white pebbles on a daily basis in their digital lives, on the networks social media, while shopping or in front of Netflix… However, collecting and using data can prove to be invaluable.

The English did not come on foot. If they were 40,000 more than anticipated, this should be seen in the use of rail, air and maritime transport. The exploitation and pooling of public utility data offers a privileged vantage point for observing movements. This is moreover the ambition of the National Access Point to transport data to “gather data from the entire mobility offer across France”, some of which in real time. Do we still need analysts to read them and alert them if necessary.

Occupying a central and dominating place, the mobile phone becomes the control tower of our lives. It irrigates the networks with our data and gradually and surely relieves us of all other material support such as payment cards, loyalty cards, transport cards, access to sports clubs or cultural venues. The condition for the success of its services is the sustainability, openness and interoperability of its services. If their users feel like they’re being held hostage, they don’t have a choice, they’ll turn away.

David Lacombled is president of Villa numéris.

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“Tamper-proof”. David Lacombled’s column

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