Télématin The 4 truths – Pap Ndiaye

Columnist: Thomas Dotto

This morning, Thomas Sotto receives Pap Ndiaye, Minister of National Education and Youth, in the 4 truths.

Alarm bell ? A note released on August 27, 2022 by the interministerial committee for prevention delinquency and radicalization (ipdr) – body attached to the Ministry of the Interior Editor’s note – accuses the “Islamist movement” of calling into question “the principle of secularism in schools”. According to this report, accounts on social networks, in particular on Twitter and tik Tokwould be used to encourage the wearing of clothing with a connotation nun and pray at school. ” Since one year, the number of reports relating to Islamist outfits increases. This can be underpinned by professional agitators who want neither good for the school nor good for the Republic”, affirms, Tuesday, October 4, 2022, the Minister ofEducation national and youth, pap NDiayeguest of the 4 Truths, on France 2. “We are not naive”, he insists, assuring that the 2004 law, prohibiting the wearing of conspicuous religious symbols at school, will be “firmly” applied. According to the Minister, this amplification is “significant” and is part of a “crescendo for a year”. For the time being, the number of reports published would be “hundreds of cases”. “We encourage the heads of establishments to bring them up in order to have as objective a view of the situation as possible”, specifies the Minister.

On October 16, 2020, Professor Samuel paty was beheaded on leaving his establishment. The teachers arethey still threatened in this way? ” He there are a few cases that arise from time to time. We take the necessary measures, which may include protection and sanctions, “says Pap. NDiayewhich calls for vigilance and firmness. Tributes in schools will be paid everywhere in France by mid-October.

Education : middle School

It has been more than a month since the students returned to school, in a context marked by the lack of teachers. Almost 4,000 positions would still be unoccupied. ” Account Given these difficulties, the start of the new school year went well. These are small blocks of hours that we have to fill,” specifies the Minister. To compensate for the lack of teachers, many contract workers, often with very little training, have been recruited. The Minister also wants tackle in college, “the sick man of the system”, in his words. ” The secondary school concerns us insofar as the number of pupils in difficulty has increased by 10% in recent years. The results in mathematics and modern languages ​​are not up to par. It’s kind of the weak link in the chain. educational”, confirmed-he, assuring that this will first pass through the reform of the sixth grade.

While the 2023 budget was presented on Monday, September 26 in the Council of Ministers, and negotiations on the increase in salaries have just started, the minister promises an increase in salaries for teachers in the first part of their career. “We are making efforts with increases of up to 10%, to which can be added increases linked to new missions that we are going to offer to volunteer teachers, ”he specifies.

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Télématin The 4 truths – Pap Ndiaye

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