The Blockchain: What do you need to know about this technology?

Blockchain is the new concept in the world of technologies that more and more individuals are trying to understand. It extends its tentacles to almost all sectors of activity. However, it currently remains very complex and not at all easy to define. In this article, we give a panoramic view of this buzzword that has tech enthusiasts showing off.

What is Blockchain technology?

Blockchain is an anglicism that literally means ” block chain “. Better still, it is a database for storing and transmitting data, and this, in a completely transparentand secure . This sharing of information is done independently, without the involvement of a control body. Each data or information entered can no longer be falsified, and historyexchanges made between users can be publicly consulted . These characteristics make it possible to use Blockchain technology in several ways:

  • the transfer of assets material (currency, house, car) or immaterial (intellectual property, patent);
  • The traceability assets and products;
  • Execution of smart contracts.

These different functions make the technology very famous in fields such as finance, banking and insurance. Likewise, experts like the Galeon Blockchain platform exploit it to revolutionize the field of health. This medical Blockchain notably creates folders patients by placing particular emphasis on the enhancement of health data.

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The operating principle of the Blockchain brings together three complementary sub-entities. The first consists of the record of the transactionsin the form of a “block” of data. These transactions trace the movement of assets (tangible or immaterial) and can store information at will. For example, it can record information about a patient’s health status (temperature, blood pressure, blood sugar, etc.).

The second entity consists of scaling of the blocks, that is to say that the different blocks follow one another to form a chain. The latter provides information on the sequence of transactions and are linked in a very secure way so that no modification or even the intrusion of a block between two existing ones is possible.

The last operating entity is the inalterability of the chain; which means that asset transactions are coded in the succession of blocks forming an irreversible chain. Thus, one more block reinforces the security of the previous block and therefore of the entire chain, which attests to its inviolability . No falsification, let alone the intrusion of a malicious actor is possible: the transaction register is therefore very reliable! Besides, you can visit This site if you want to know more about this technology.

The benefits of Blockchain

benefits of blockchain
One of the greatest advantages of the Blockchain is undoubtedly its architecture decentralized . This implies that its hosting is not based on a single server, but rather provided by a group of users. Everyone can check the validity of the chain, because there is no intermediary. Moreover, the information shared in the blocks is under high securitythanks tocryptographieswhich prevent any modification. Would you like to know everything about this technology? Here is an article which will help you get started with Blockchain technology.

In this universe where everything is both decentralized and secure, the patient is sure to receive reliable data and his confidential information will only be shared with those to whom he has given access.

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The Blockchain: What do you need to know about this technology?

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