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Bitcoin and therefore the technology that supports it, the blockchain, is celebrating its 13th birthday. Normally we should have had a kind of standard harmonizing everything established by an equivalent of the W3C or the Khronos Group. Instead, we have a big mess with an incredible number of competing technologies. Bitcoin continues to be the yardstick of technology despite the fact that it uses an incredible amount of energy to function and therefore a disastrous carbon footprint.

Ethereum is no better and still can’t pass proof-of-stake. And that’s not counting the computing power lost in calculating wind instead to benefit the common good. The world of cryptocurrencies is full scamsof thieves and fanatics of all kinds who think they are reinventing the world of finance when they are only creating tools to facilitate money laundering and ultra-liberalism while being globally Ponzi Pyramids. As for the new blockchains supposed to fix all these problems, they are just as problematic and have no interoperability with others…

And it is on this stupidity and greed that NFTs are built. So we are not so surprised when the North Korea steals for $600 million or when users of the most famous NFT store, OpenSea, get hacked. We are also not surprised when the same shop mainly sells NFTs based on stolen images. Or that a game based on NFTs turn into class struggle. Faced with such an accumulation of damning evidence, a sane person would avoid these technologies like the plague. But not the video game industry. She sees NFTs as the future because on a business level, it makes sense: NFTs don’t cost much to produce and don’t cost much to maintain given the decentralized nature of blockchains so the margin is huge.

The only problem is that players don’t want it. Despite all the rhetoric, players have understood that it was one more way to sell them digital crap. Worse still, they understood that the model play-to-earn is to turn their favorite entertainment into work. The whole thing might have happened ten years ago, but after the micro-transactions, the hollow DLCs, the season passbuggy games, server cuts, subscriptions at all costs, broken promises, next-gen patches at 10 euros, loot boxes, the pay-to-win, game-services with rickety content,… NFTs are the drop of shit that overflows the basin of shit.

Yet publishers are far from letting go. Just this week, bandai namco, Sega and Square-Enix announced that they would continue in this direction whileActivision-Blizzard asked the players for their opinion. The old glories of the past like Peter Molyneux or Richard Garriott jump into the trend with both feet. All this small world does not target the current generation of players. They are targeting the future generation of gamers (read: our children) and will develop NFTs so that they cannot escape them and end up finding it normal.

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The channel unlocks

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