The Hyundai group is betting on lighter and more efficient EMR4 electric motors

Currently, the Hyundai Group offers one of the best offers of electric vehicles. We recently saw the World Car of the Year award given to the IONIQ 5, in addition to other merits related to the 100% electric version. The future looks even brighter, after the South Korean group made one of the biggest purchases of electric motors. As we knew, from 2024 the Hyundai group will bet on new engine technology.

Vitesco Technologies has won a €2 billion contract to supply its next-generation EMR4 (Electronics Motor Reducer) axle drive to Hyundai Motor Group.

Hyundai: new electric motors will be more efficient

The Hyundai group has become a major player in global electric mobility. With an ever-expanding range of electric vehicles, South Koreans are constantly striving to improve products that already set standards.

With a view to the years to come, the Hyundai Group and Vitesco have signed an agreement under which the car manufacturer will equip the German company’s most advanced new electric motors, the new EMR4 motors.

With a contract worth 2 billion euros, the first vehicles equipped with the new engines will be seen from 2024. Intended for the global B and C segments, Hyundai and KIA are already working on the development of their new models.

The Asian group will use 3-in-1 engines with 160 kW (218 hp) of power, thus exceeding the performance of current units which do not exceed 150 kW (204 hp). EMR4 blocks will replace EMR3, improving range and performance.

While the Hyundai Group’s E-GMP platform runs at 800 volts, the EMR4 motors only run at 400 volts, so Vitesco will supply the closed inverters, although these will not be used across the full range as Hyundai and KIA have consistently reiterated that they will use 400-volt schemes for some of their models, primarily in the B and C segments, the first to use the new powertrains from 2024.

Image of the EMR4 engine that will equip the Hyundai group

EMR4 is a “3 in 1” engine

Although Hyundai and KIA only offer the EMR4 block in the medium power range, thanks to its new specifications, Vitesco will be able to cover a power range between 80 and 230 kW with its new engine, between 109 and 313 hp. This is a much wider range than that currently offered by EMR3 engines, which range from 120 to 150 kW.

That’s not the only gain, as there’s also a reduction in block size, which makes integration easier, as well as better efficiency, which should result in increased range.

Improved performance and efficiency is achieved through the use of silicon carbide (SiC) semiconductors. The smaller size also translates to less weight, up to 25% compared to EMR3 blocks.

Image of the EMR4 versus EMR3 engine currently used by the Hyundai group

With different configurations available, whether inverter wattage or higher or lower wattage, all EMR4 motors will be manufactured on the same assembly line, primarily at the Vitesco Technologies plant in Tianjin in China, in addition to other sites.

We are proud to contribute to Hyundai Motor Group’s electric vehicle platform with this attractive drive axle. This order once again confirms our strategy, with a very early focus on electric mobility.

Said Andreas Wolf, CEO of Vitesco, during the presentation and signing ceremony.

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The Hyundai group is betting on lighter and more efficient EMR4 electric motors

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