The Second Phase Of Pantera Capital’s Blockchain Fund Will Begin

Despite the current bear market swings, Pantera, one of the largest crypto hedge funds, has decided to launch a second phase of blockchain funds worth $1.25 billion (USD). The platform currently offers funds across five platforms: Blockchain Funds, Bitcoin, Venture Capital, Liquid Tokens, and Seed Tokens.

Pantera, a San Francisco-based company, is one of the first digital currency investment platforms founded in 2013. Last year, Pantera launched the first phase of a fund of up to $600 million (USD) to invest in liquid tokens and risk. equity. The Early Stage Token Fund and the Pantera Bitcoin fund, which focus on blockchain protocols, were both growing steadily. The company introduced the Early Stage Token Fund in 2017 and increased it to 27% in early 2020.

He said staking in the blockchain gaming sector will help with emerging technologies in cryptocurrency. And the company said the platform is showing interest in NFT markets and developing tools to invest in them. Pantera recently announced that it will invest in spinning games, Stacked, Pinata and unstoppable domains.

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In July 2022, a $65 million (USD) serial funding led by Pantera Capital raised Unstoppable Domains’ venture capital to $1 billion (USD). Unstoppable Domains is a company that uses blockchain technology to connect Web 2 and Web 3.

Matthew Gould, CEO of Unstoppable Domain, said that “The Web 2 era has failed in terms of protecting privacy and personal information. The Web 3 era holds much more promise for giving ownership and control to people.

Recently, leading crypto investment firms like Dragonfly Capital announced that the company has increased its second round of funds up to $125 million (USD) to invest in crypto-based infrastructure projects. Silicon Valley-based Andreessen Horowitz has also announced plans to raise up to $1 billion (USD) in cryptocurrency ventures.

In an interview, Dan Morehead said that “I think bitcoin is going to underperform on a relative basis. Maybe Bitcoin is going to be a great investment, but I think Ethereum, DeFi, and some of the other elements of the crypto space are going to beat it on a relative return basis. Besides Bitcoin, Pantera recognized alternative digital assets like Ethereum and DeFi.

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The Second Phase Of Pantera Capital’s Blockchain Fund Will Begin

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